More CIVs!!

Sir. Martin

King of the kings
Jul 28, 2001
Odense, Denmark.
I have noticed that many players play with up to 16 different civs in one game - how?

I´m able to play with max. 8 civs? ( I play always with a standard map, that´s why? )

Lookin´ forward to hearing from you! :goodjob:
Go to the Editor and modify the Standard map size to accomadate up to 16 Civs. It's fairly easy.
I think if you do this you will affect the decision making ability of the AI. The limits are there for a reason, I could be wrong.

With 16 civs on smaller maps tech rate can get absurd fast. It can also make your comp take a vacation, while AIs turns:(
well, I thought so to! But I will be able to add more civs if I choose a bigger map, right?
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