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Nov 20, 2001
I'm looking to add more rivers and resources (stone mainly) in BTS. I don't want to edit individual maps. Had a look around the xml files and can't find anything for what I want. Any clues would be appreciated :goodjob:
Also, IIRC while there are several map-creation scripts in the downloads here, the folks who have tried doing resource scripts have not been satisfied with their results. YMMV, of course if you want to try it.
In CIV4BonusInfos.xml increase iConstAppearance or the iRandAppX values. The first is a set number, the others a random number between 0 and the value it's set to. There are other values which can be changed too like iPlayer (higher = more resources per player).

If you want more rivers you can try changing the values PLOTS_PER_RIVER_EDGE (lower = more rivers) and RIVER_SOURCE_MIN_RIVER_RANGE/RIVER_SOURCE_MIN_SEAWATER_RANGE (higher = longer rivers). They are in GlobalDefines.

Note that some python map scripts may override the default bonus and/or river creation. If it does then changing these values might not make a difference.
Thanks Snarko, unfortunately I was trying to edit BTS and that file isn't in BTS folders for some reason. Just played a BTS game and was on a huge continent. Finished exploring the whole continent at around 500BC, and there was one stone and no marble whatsoever. So think i'll give up and go back to vanilla civ for a while until BTS is sorted. There's definitely something wrong somewhere :confused:
There's a very simple fix for your problem... For resources, anyway.

Open up the Civ4BonusInfos XML file, and under each resource there's an <iTilesPer>~</iTilesPer> tag. What this does is change the appearance rate of each resource based on the number of tiles in its radius.

Be careful not to make the number too low, or you could have a massive overflow of a single (or sometimes multiple) resource(s). Try to balance all of them to achieve a realistic blend of resources... However, if you want to do things a certain way, do it however you see fit (such as a planet that's very rich in Copper and Iron, but has very little Coal).

In the end, it's really all trial and error.
Adding more resources and rivers via xml can be hard to balance . For an example , stone and marble requires no river side . If you've added lots of rivers , the number of stone and marble to place can be zero when civ calculate the number of resources to place . Take a look also at <iPlacementOrder> , if some resources are placed on the same terrain/feature/river side . The firsts resources can prevent others to be placed if they are numerous . You should extend the placement of some resources if you want to balance the map with more resources , that will be easier .

Tcho !
if a XML file is not in the BTS folder, then BTS is using the Vanilla (or maybe warlords version) of it. Look there.
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