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MP Scenario (Age of Imperialism)

Flatlander Fox

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Mar 5, 2001
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I have made a new scenario, specifically for Multi-player games.

I am planning a test run later this week (Friday) around 1900 EST.

I will need seven players, all who are able to play at least a 4 hour session.

If things go well, and I am able to modify enough after the test session(s), I will be starting a diplo-game here or at Apolyton to get the right number of players...

Post your interest here, I believe I already have two players (Magnus and Ambuel) but I need more...

A quick rundown of the combatants:

China: Behind in tech and just starting to industrialize, the Chinese must hold onto their empire against colonial aggressors.

Germany: A large standing army gives makes Germany the most powerful country in Europe. They have few colonial possessions though, and colonization is a priority.

France: A European powerhouse, which has colonies in Asia and Africa, needs to expand her empire to keep pace with England.

Japan: A tiny nation, with easy access to the Asian mainland, or to the many islands in the south Pacific.

Russia: A large nation, with NO colonies, and infrastructure problems. But once modernized, Russia will be a force to be reckoned with.

America: Immediately after the civil war, the Americans must rebuild the south, and try to spread their global influence.

England: A huge navy and a large standing army protect the world's largest empire. But corruption and distance make it a difficult task to hold all together.

The scenario starts in 1871, and runs until 2020. The winner is either through Civilization score, or by spaceship launch.

Post your interest here!:)

P.S. How do I put a screen shot of my scenario up? Thanks!
You got my vote. Will do my best. Can't wait. This will be exciting!:D
I'm in, I'd prefer to play America or Germany most likely.
Some screenshots from AOI.

Early south African exploration, Can the skirmisher protect the explorer AND Capetown?


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Battle in South Pacific...

Japanese Jet Fighters protect strike force from attack by British bombers. British fighters set up CAP over their carriers...


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Battle in the desert:

German tanks vs. British infantry British Jet bombers are about to throw their weight into the battle.


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Modern combat...

Russian Strike fighters prepare to attack French Main battle tanks and supported elements south of Algiers.


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DOWN WITH THE ISM'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i'm in. Can i play the Red Horde?! :ak47: :ak47: :ak47:
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