Multiplayer desyncs (loading screen between turns) and weird bugs


Apr 26, 2019
I just recently started playing Civ V with a friend, but we're having a lot of loading screens between turns due to desyncs, and for me it has been causing weird glitches that affect gameplay drastically but I've not seen mentioned anywhere.

What puzzles me the most is the sheer inconsistency of what's going on. My friend hosts since he has the stronger PC, we both run on DX11 since he has issues with DX9, and both have stable internet. We played 3 games with the same settings: large map, continents plus, default game options and amount of civs/city states. The first game was smooth and we only had desyncs in the late game, which were fixed by my friend restarting his PC. The second game had desyncs every turn, I had no major glitches but he had serious problems with the graphics, with terrain textures failing to load and so on. The third and last game had desyncs every other turn, he had no tecnical problems but I had the most obnoxious and strange desync bug yet:

Sometimes after the next turn loads, what I had produced in cities last turn disappears and shows up again in the queue with 1 turn remaining; so for instance I build a colosseum but the next turn the happiness goes away, and I have to finish it again next turn. This is usually a terrible handicap but funnily enough it got me 2 stacked golden ages from rebuilding the Taj Mahal (yes, wonders can disappear too...). The same goes for treaties with the AI: I can make peace/declare war only for it to revert the next turn after a desync. Only I experienced this.

I know Civ multiplayer has always been an unstable mess but when I'm being handicapped this way it's just too much, so I'm desperate to get this fixed. We theorized it might be due to the disparity of our PC specs, so he processes the AI turns faster while also having to "carry" my slower machine. He also told me that his PC sounds like it's going to explode when we play... However that doesn't explain why out first game was relatively smooth, while the other 2 became increasingly unplayable very fast. We tried setting graphics to the minimum on both ends but it didn't help either.

So... I would really appreciate it if someone here knows what's going on or other things we can try to make the game at least playable for both of us, that hopefully doesn't involve removing all AIs from the game altogether (the game always desyncs and has to load again during their turn processing).
On windows 10/11 you can do a quick gpu driver reset by pressing control/shift/windows button and B at the same time. This was a fix league players used a few years back.
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