Need a little help with resources files

Vandal Thorne

Mar 26, 2008

So I want to add some resources to my game but I can't seem to find the art source files in the program files. I am running the Gold version of Civ IV with Beyond the Sword. I can't seem to find folders for coal, aluminum, copper, or iron in my art/terrain/resources/ directory. They don't seem to be in similar directories for Warlords, Beyond the Sword, or any of the Mods directories.

I'm hoping to find the source files for these resources so I can mod them into salt, titanium, and gallium resources.

Also I'm not sure if anyone cares but there are folders for the following resources: cotton, olives, and tobacco which only appear in the Pelopponesian(prolly sp) Warmod and the Chinese Unification mod. They aren't too hard to add to the regular game.

Many thanks to anyone who can help me out.


Apr 10, 2005
Those came with vanilla already. Vanilla art is paked into the 4 big FPK files in Vanilla Assets folders. You need to unpack them. There is a program to do that somewhere in the utilities forum.
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