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Help with non-modular civs


Mar 11, 2022
Hello everyone, i found some civs from cyrbxkhan like this one https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/bts-civ-of-the-week-sardinia.17504/ and he says he does them to add them intoCIV GOLD mod but i dont know how. I tried to add them but it doesnt work at all and doesnt show in game.

I tried to change the path in the files but again, they dont show in game.

Basically, i want to know how to add these civs into another mod (CIV GOLD)


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Sorry but it didnt worked, maybe i did a mistake during the process tho..

The mod just doesnt show up in game, not even a "a purple screen" ...
The XML paths seem good and i did as told in the video
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