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need game advice quick


Mar 3, 2003
before someone moves this thread...

got a six pack of old games for Xmas...please tell me which is worth playing:

EU2 (which I will play)
Patrician II
Jagged Aliance 2
Celtic Kings

quick someone give me a quick 1-2-3 rating!
Oh man, I want to get EU2!

But haven't played any of those, sorry man.
I was told the game pack was available for $20 at Walmart. I hope at least two of these games are worth loading and patching.
I can tell you Jagged Alliance 2 is a classic game and one of the best PC games ever. It's the standard for turn based strategic shooters/rpg's.
but no one will read it here!
EU2 is awesome! Espically the Multi-Player.
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