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Need help with one game!


Sep 27, 2010
Difficulty: 3 I think
Civilization: Romans
Map: Earth
Size: Huge
Year: late 1800s AD
Gold Per turn: 100 (200 without maintenance)
Science per turn: +200
Culture per turn: 60ish
Happiness: about 4 - 10

I am playing with:
Germans (started in africa near the border between the middle east.)
British (started out in lower africa)
Ottomans (started somewhere in asia)
Siam (started out in russia?)
Japanese (started out in asia)
Chinese (Americas)
France (south america)
Russian (central america)
Greek (Canada)
Aztecs (???)

I started out in West Africa along with the Germans and British. The closest city state is Venice which I am allied with. I conquered the Germans in 1600s BC using treason. I have about 10 or less cities, all in africa. I have highly superior technology advantage.

Siam is about to conquer the Ottomans. Siam controls part of europe and all middle east. Siam is hostile towards me

Ottomans late city is surrounded by siam's city. Ottomans are hostile towards me.

The Chinese conquered the russians and have all of america. I believe the Chinese and I are neck and neck in Science.

The france are at war with the chinese.

The greek are weak and far far far FAR behind in science.

Due to a glitch I can't declare war on the British. Britain is hostile toward me. I have limited their control of land. They are very far behind in science. But I am afraid they will have uranium near by.

I think the Japanese are pretty weak (I have not explored all of asia).

The Aztecs are/were afraid of me. They are poor and far behind in technology.

I am not sure how I should win. BTW I am in the Industrial era. I think I could win by domination, considering the fact that I still see spearmen wandering around. I am a little disturbed by the AI's fast expansion.
"I am not sure how I should win."

If you're in the late 1800s and you haven't had an overall goal or plan until now, that's part of the problem. :) It helps to decide right out of the gate what kind of civ you want and the victory you're going for.

That said, at this point you might consider a Space Race victory. It sounds like you're ahead of most other civs in science, with the possible exception of the Chinese. If your 10 cities are all highly developed, it's feasible - especially if you go for the Rationalism policy tree, work your specialists (possibly picking up Freedom policies as well), and have some good trade relations with other civs and city-states.

If you want to go that route, make a beeline for Rocketry and get a jump on the Apollo Project. (Assuming you aren't already there.) Ignore Metallurgy, Rifling, and every subsequent tech in that line for now - you don't need those to launch a spaceship. If you still have to do a decent amount of research, make sure you get all the science buildings (Library, University, Public School, Research Lab, and Observatory where possible) up in Rome so your other cities get the production discount.

To the degree you can, work alliances with city-states for culture and food. Even free units from Militaristic CSs can help, but watch that your cashflow doesn't get crippled by maintenance. Consider building trade posts over some existing tile improvements once you get the policy that adds science to them. Science-boosting wonders like the Oxford U and Porcelain Tower can help if they're still available.

For the spaceship itself, make sure you have 5-7 cities with full production capacity (Workshops, Factories, Spacecraft Factories, Hydro and Solar where possible, etc) ready to go when you finish the Apollo Project. Be absolutely sure you have ready access to Aluminum - DON'T use it all for Hydro Plants or military units. (In fact, you shouldn't build any more units unless you're threatened militarily.) Keep in mind, you can't rush-buy spacecraft components.

Obviously you have other options, but IMO the science route sounds like the most viable. Good luck, let us know how it turns out.
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