Need some advice on mods/game settings


Dec 7, 2005

I bought civ 5 a while ago, loaded it up with a few mods that I found attractive for some reason (don't remember which ones), and played for maybe half a day.

I had issues with the graphics (i.e., my dual nvidia 460 gtx graphics cards were freaking out, making the game unplayable in some cases), and I didn't find the gameplay all that fun. But I didn't give it much of a chance.

So, I'd like to give it a chance again, because I've enjoyed all the civ games from civ 1 all the way up. (I think Civ III was my favorite so far... Civ 4 took a while to grow on me...)

I tended to play marathon games in Civ 4. I don't know that I ever did more than a few standard games... it would annoy me that I would research something, and then the technology would be obsolete almost before I could build any units for it.

So anyway, I'm wondering:
- are there any mods which are really good for Civ 5 which I should be looking at? I tried searching a bit (not using the in game interface yet, just on google), and didn't see any up to date lists, just stuff from 2010 or 2011. I hear the AI in civ 5 isn't really that challenging... What I want to avoid though is loading a ton of mods and making my game unenjoyable. (Should I just go with the base game? Or are there a few mods that are really great and make the game a lot more enjoyable that most people agree on?)

- Given my proclivity towards marathon games, should I just start with really long games? Or is civ 5 different enough that I should give it a try on standard first?
Try standard first, because if you find the gameplay bit boring, it's because you wait 30 turns to build a scout :|.
I play exclusively at Marathon at prince and king level. "Vanilla Enhanced Mod" package is my pick. It is one of the most downloaded mods out there. To me this mod has the most player friendly enhancements.
I use Vanilla Enhanced mod as my main game changer and then tack on some smaller stuff like the detailed Resource Info Panel and Basic Clock.

I don't like changing things to much as I want to stay close to Firaxis's vision.

The only other "mods" I use are different maps, I am currently playing on PerfectWorld 3 which is good fun.
you might like the mod echo of ages, the creator, cyrinno, also created some mods to slow down science, but to keep production the same, which seems like it would be suited towards you. As others have said, vanilla enhanced mod is awesome. If you like having more information than the demographics, you should also try infoaddict. I highly recommend all of these mods.
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