New BTS division for Quattromasters and Elite Quattromasters

That works as well! :thumbsup:
MHO, Time is by far the most boring VC.
It indeed doesn't seem too exciting. A mara game where the AI is in check early in the BCs and there's way over 1000 turns of solo empire management seems like the worst. That's why I was thinking of something that keeps the actual game going for a bit longer. Quick speed would probably be even better, except I don't know how to play that at all. Learning quick speed would probably be the best investment ever when it comes to finishing EQM.
A mara game where the AI is in check early in the BCs and there's way over 1000 turns of solo empire management seems like the worst.
My favourite type of Builder game - very satisfying :)

To each their own!
Yes, to each their own, of course. :)

Since I never tried one, I probably shouldn't speak too harshly. Who knows, maybe it would be my new favorite kind of civving. :lol:
Have pretty much zero experience with Epic speed, so don't have much to compare with, but think the game is going well from the opening. 15 cities when approaching turn 150. Looks like the age of HAs is over now, though, so I need something else if I am to keep smashing heads. And with Mansa Oracling Feudalism (and stupid one-city Peter that I was going to kill off peace-vassaled to him :cringe: ), it could probably go round kinda quickly. Big mapscript, so this thing will take quite some time. Looks like it should be a good mapscript for State Property, so may go down that road since I'm thinking about space.

Not looking forward to a Time game, but you could probably do it kinda easy, if it's just for the requirement. Start in the Future era on Quick or something like that, and hit end turn a lot.
Really? Thought you just had to get to the end of the game without anybody triggering a (different) victory condition. Not start from the Ancient era, necessarily. Anyway, this Time malarky isn't something I'll be doing anytime soon.
Anything other than ancient starts will only count towards Rock of Ages, none of the other categories.
The Machiavelli tab of the EQM page still says "every victory condition (except Culture by Espionage victories which are excluded)" even for the BTS division. Rock of Ages tab says all eras are required to complete the award.

The new list tab you added to ad-hoc query is actually a quite nice addition, but I noticed it does not retrieve any games at all if I leave it at victory condition: all.
These changes have all been made - for the ad hoc query you have to pick something but once you do a list will be generated.

There is also a new tab on the home page where Duel / Inca / non ancient starts are excluded, enjoy hunting down those weak spots!
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Apparently this is the G-Major-172 thread, so I'll post here. Main motivation isn't a very high score (Mara-Sushi is too brutal), but still hope do get a fair whack of points, even if I end up with space communism. Thanks to @lymond, the game I was really playing is viable after all, and just now I had a look at both games I was playing. Interesting to compare.

Despite getting free BW in one of the games, it's actually not the best one. Have 14 cities close to 1AD in that one (Epic speed). Most have Feudalism so more warfare will be tricky. Doing 274 :science: at 100%. Mids + Rep, but MoM is a bit far off, although at least Roosevelt doesn't have longbows yet in that game. Army of 12 melee, 3 elephants and 17 catas. Victoria may be plotting on me, but otherwise the idea was to DOW Hatty as she was nearby with two shrines and some pretty nice river cities. Longbows, but not a big army, and only saw two hill cities, so it could probably be done, albeit at losing all the catas.

In the other game, the one I thought was ruined, slightly after turn 150 I have 15 cities. That is one more city 15 turns earlier. Doing 253 :science: at 100% (Academy in both games). Mids + Rep and CS (needed 2-turn anarchy there, but I pulled the trigger). MoM isn't built yet, but will be in the next few turns, looks like by either Hatty or Darius. If it's Hatty, my army is near so I can DOW her. If it's Darius it's far away, and I need to punch through de Gaulle first. Army is pretty similar: 12 melee (all axes, no swords, and I don't count spears), 4 elephants and 14 catas. Tech-wise this game is behind, as it lacks everything up to Music, plus MC, Machinery and Feudalism (plus Compass), but some of that can be traded for in due time, so maybe it's not as different as it looks now (15 turns to spare after all). Washington just got Feudalism as the first AI, but is friendly with 4 others, so I expect it to spread quickly (sadface).

I will continue this earlier 15-cities game, and see how it pans out. In the other one, blasted Hatty just beat me to the Music GA by one stinking turn, and I lost the super-medic at 99.5%, so both those hurt rather a lot. But the main thing is that I have more cities earlier, which I hope will translate to a faster space game down the line. Time will tell if I get a chance to found Mining Inc, but going into the game I was thinking about State Property tbh. However, if I do land a GE in time, I'll probably go with Corps instead, since it should normally be stronger on the slower speeds.

Kinda surprised by this, but it's essentially a mono-religion love fest in both games. That may prove to be good down the line, but early on it hurts because stuff like Feudalism and Civil Service will go around quickly. And going deep for Lib may prove hard too.

But as I wrote in another thread somewhere, I think this comparison also shows that great hut luck early on isn't necessarily all that game defining as I thought. Seems that it's more important to be able to worker steal early, and be able to rush somebody. In both these games I was able to get Mids early on, which is obviously no guarantee, so getting key wonders nearby is important too.
I have an issue with Mansa. As predicted due to where he was located, it was possible he would peace vassal in this game. He offered it, and after some considerations I agreed. He didn't even have Drama or Music yet (still doesn't). Yet, in the same exact turn, he turned off research and it hasn't come back on since. Went from 4 turns to Machinery to 20. Finally he got there, chose Engineering next, which I'd be fine with, but it takes 60 turns. This makes him less than useless. Would have been much better off as a free man. At least he'd tech then, and I could trade with him.

Is there any way to somehow get him to start teching again?

I was actually worried about this happening, or at least considered it before agreeing to the vassal suggestion, but it was so early in the game that I didn't think he'd be such a tit instantly :(
There is also a new tab on the home page where Duel / Inca / non ancient starts are excluded, enjoy hunting down those weak spots!
There are three games in that slot (all with non-ancient starts) and yours is the lowest scoring - the best is 50% higher than yours.

You can see that in the Date QScore Working box:-

Max Score:49767
Avg Score:38581.333
Raw Score:21.990
Difficulty Adjustor:0.9
Map Size Adjustor:0.6
Barb Adjustor:0

Recent queries from @Seraiel and others have made me have a rethink about Rock of Ages - it is illogical that I have a tab for open slots but your score is affected by non Ancient starts. I've removed Rock of Ages from the BTS Scoring (although the tab is still there). Please let me know if you see anything unusual or unforeseen, please also confirm if you are seeing better qscores??
I've made some changes to the site particularly to exclude non-ancient starts from BTS EQM scoring, please let me know if it is working as expected.

I've removed Rock of Ages from the BTS Scoring
This is not quite true - it now represents 1% of your BTS EQM score, I can't actually eliminate it.
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I meant to say most people will see their scores go up, especially if you didn't have 2 x 100s for Rock of Ages - it's possible the order will change for some of you but a quick spot check showed no great anomalies.
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