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New civs for CivRev?

Discussion in 'CivRev - General Discussions' started by Ikael, May 6, 2015.

  1. Ikael

    Ikael King

    Dec 2, 2005
    It always seemed odd to me that in this brave new world of microtransactions and DLC that we're living in, this game hasn't got even the most obvious of them all: New civilizations.

    So which civilizations would you like to see in Civ Rev? And how they would be? If I could design some for the game, these would be the ones I pick:

    Incans - Specialized in culture, tech

    Starts with the knowdegle of Communism (the Incan goverment system shared more than a little similarity with communism)
    Classical era: +2 food to mountains (terraces ftw)
    Medieval era: 1/2 cost to roads (the great Andean road)
    Industrial era: +1 food to sea tiles (seafood industry)
    Modern era: +1 movement to riflemen (Sendero Luminoso's sheanigans)

    Use communism to gaing culture via wonder-hoarding at the early game, and place your cities the best that you can in order to take advantage of your terraces and later industrial bonuses. Your road and riflemen bonuses will allow you to defend while you enjoy all the science via food that you can!

    Korea - Specialized in military, tech gameplay

    Starts with a University built in your capital (confuncian education)
    Classical era: +1 attack to catapults (Hwacha!)
    Medieval era: Gain a free ironclad unit (the less known yet no less awesome Korean "turtle ships")
    Industrial era: Universities grants you extra production (industrialization programs)
    Modern era: +25% trade in all your cities (modern day tech hub superpower!)

    Concentrate all the popullation that you can in your capital so you can enjoy the benefits of its powerful university. Use your turbocharged catapults and turtle ships to expand in the mid game and get that extra tech and industry push in the late game in order to consolidate your more than likely tech victory!

    Portugal - Specialized in exploration, domination, trade

    Starts with knowdegle of the location of a great relic (so you can imitate their great explorers!)
    Classical era: +1 movement and sight to sea units (Naus!)
    Medieval era: +1 production to sea tiles (so you have an incentive to build coastatal cities. Also: Feitorias!)
    Industrial era: +50% trade in cities built in other landmasses (colonial empire, further reward for long distance colonies)
    Modern era: +50% combat strength to naval units (for greater synergic effect!)

    Place your cities looking up to the seas while you build a fleet as soon as you can so you snatch away that relic! Middle game bonuses will greatly reward your sea orientation and seaborn colonization initiatives!

    Sweden - Specialized in early agression and late game culture / science
    Starts with a veteran galley (drakkars!)
    Classical era: Units starts with amphibian promotion (yep, vikings!)
    Medieval era: Build marketplaces / banks in all your cities (Hanseatic leage)
    Industrial era: Universities generates culture as if they were temples (scandinavian educative system)
    Modern era: Increased generation rate of great people (Nobel price)

    Make the best of your initial abilities in order to explore and colonize islands and faraway lands and grab a less than ideally defended enemy city or two! Late game bonuses will help you out to consolidate your empire and aim for a cultural victory! Also, do notice the nice synergies with communism that your scandinavian educative system provides (and the strategies that it create on the mid and late game!)

    Persia - Specialized in domination and cultural game
    Starts with -50% costs to temples and cathedrals (Zoroastrism!)
    Classical era: +1 attack to legions (inmortals!)
    Medieval era: Fundamentalism doesn't close down libraries (greater Persian empire)
    Industrial era: Access to all resources (resource nationalization under Rezah Shah)
    Modern era: +50% to the effectivity of your spies (modern day iranian security apparathus)

    Try to get religion as soon as you can, for fundamentalism will only slow you down in the late game, and it will make an awesome combo with your inmortals. The late game spyionage bonus is the icing on what could be an either domination or cultural domination end game.

    Turkey - Specialized in early agression, military and gold
    +1 attack to calvaries (turkik nomad tribes)
    Classical era: Sigege units starts with infiltration promotion (siegue of constantinople)
    Medieval era: Captured cities has +50% production and culture (from Constantinople to Istambul)
    Industrial era: Free military upgrade to all your units a la leonardo's workshop (Dat Attaturk army modernization)
    Modern era: +50% to gold generation (modern day economic power)

    Try to capture as much enemy cities as you can in the earlier eras so you can develope them once the medieval era kicks in. The later bonuses to gold and army offers you a plethora of late-game strategies with a knack for domination!

    Babylon - Specialized in defensive turtling, cultural and scientific gameplay

    Starts with walls built in capital (walls of Babylon!) and +1 movement to archers (bowman)
    Classical era: +1 food to riverside tiles (we're talking about the fertile crescent, son)
    Medieval era: +4 science to libraries (the Islamic renaissance started in Bagdag afterall)
    Industrial era: +2 culture for every building and wonder built in the previous eras (archeological findings)
    Modern era: Units starts with a guerrilla promotion (modern day Iraq resistance)

    Turtle up and build your cities up to the skies! Try to aim for an early mansonry grab so you can have free walls on your second city as well, and use your highly mobile defensive army to hold up while you tech during medieval times. The industrial era bonus will reward cultural play while modern era bonuses will further help you to fend off pesky late game agression while you aim for either cultural or scientific victory!

    Mali - Specialized in economic victories with a dash of military flavour

    Starts with one caravan (Kansa Musa's pilgrimage)
    Classical era: +4 trade to resource tiles located in land (pick your better trading spots!)
    Medieval era: +2 gold to desert tiles (cecas!)
    Industrial era: -50% purchasing costs for both buildings and units (for greater synergy)
    Modern era: +1 movement to modern infantry units (Malinese guerrillas)

    Use your early caravans to explore the map and gaing early money so you can pick up the most resource rich lands before anyone else colonize them. Medieval and industrial era bonuses will help you to get and spend tons of money, opening up a lot of strategic possibilities into the late game.

    Khmer - Specialized in uber-tall gameplay, aka economic, scientific and cultural victories
    Starts with aqueduct built in capital (barays!)
    Classical era: X2 food and production in capital (Angkor Wat!)
    Medieval era: Duplicates the popullation of all your cities (Zenith of the Khmer empire)
    Industrial era: -50% to the production costs of riflemen (Khmer rouge :( )
    Modern era: Wonders generates +5 gold each (tourism FTW)

    Make your capital grow as you gear for the greater Khmer era! Then prolly proceed to hoard wonders so you can make the best out of them by the late game! Protip: Khmer goes really well with Haging Gardens, just saying :p
  2. lindsay40k

    lindsay40k Emperor

    Mar 13, 2009
    I suppose necro doesn't matter in such a inactive board...

    Khmer would be broken beyond belief. With Aqueduct, double food and hammers, and then doubled population, you're not going to miss out on a further population increase unless someone rolls a GE and rushes HG. That's going to be, what, twenty population? In a game where you have no happiness, health or food concerns, surplus population just makes you richer, and you can produce multiple units per turn? Shaka and Mao would look mediocre in comparison.

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