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New intermittent(?) bug


Dec 23, 2001
New York
Hardware: iMac DV Graphite (400 Mhz G3) with 256
System: OS X.1
Civ3: 1.16 with several terrain graphics mods; no unit or leader head mods, scenarios, GOTMs, or rules changes.
I built my first privateer unit and promptly attacked a (friendly) AI Civ's galley. The graphics for the ship-ship combat started, but then the program immediately froze. The cursor responded in terms of movement, but the combat never resolved, and I could not exit the program with cmd-p, and the computer would not shut down with ctrl-cmd-esc. I had to turn the machine off and on.

When I rebooted, I noticed two extra bic files in the directory, which I erased and then restarted Civ3. I redid the combat, but not in the exact sequence of moves I used the first time, and there was no problem. I have now had several combats between privateers and AI civs with no problem.

Incidentally, The AI civ I attacked had plenty of cities, so it was not the infamous last-settler bug. Anyone else had anything similar?
I guess nobody else had had this sort of problem, but I just had another freeze-up yesterday, and actually I wasn;t doing *anything* when it happened. I was looking at the map deciding what to do with a worker, when it just froze. Again, same thing, I had to turn the comp off and on.

I never noticed this before entering the industrial age--I thought I saw some PC players mentioning random crashes after industrial age. Any clue on this Brad?
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