[BTS] News: BOTM 237 Results and Congratulations


Fear him of the pink tie
GOTM Staff
Dec 23, 2005
London, UK
Apologies for the delay publishing these results. It turns out Noble Zarkon is busy with real life at the moment, so I'm publishing this on his behalf.

Seems from the results like this was a gought game, with just 5 - fewer than half - of the submissions managing victories. All were late game dominations. So - congratulations to @krikav for securing the fastests victory - in 1695 AD, also picking up the cow and the gold medal. @nocho managed silver and the 2nd fastest domination - 1705 AD, so only just behind! And @Jovan Kukic picked up bronze and 3rd fastest - 1750 AD. The medals nicely correlated with the finish dates this time.

Well done for attempting this game, everyone!

Summary of Medal Winners:

krikav: 1695 AD Domination Victory, 193,173 points.

nocho: 1705 AD Domination Victory, 186,561 points.

Jovan Kukic: 1750 AD Domination Victory, 149,345 points.

Other Award Winners:

NickTrofimuk: 1810 AD Domination Victory, 123,231 points.

MarleysGh0st: 1991 AD Spaceship Loss, 8,410 points.

donsig: 2006 AD Spaceship Loss, 2,810 points.

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Here's where everyone settled.

The Small Print:
The numbers by each player's name indicate the turn settled on (starting turn is 0). Players are colour coded by game class (challenger=red, adventurer=blue). Symbols indicate victory condition, if there's no symbol
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