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  • Hi DS. Can you help me? I'm having a trouble with the submits. After submitting a game there's no e-mail confirming it. This happens with GOTM 117, WOTM 69, and BOTM 93.

    Also, I 'm almost sure that I submited GOTM 118 and BOTM 94 and my name doesn't appear in the tables (but sorry, in both cases I can be wrong because I'm busy with my RL).

    Could you see what's happen please?

    *** In some cases the confirming e-mail returned in Spam box, but not this time...
    Hey DS, you online now?
    I'm working on uploading BOTM74.
    Seems like catch22 with your gotmhelper: it can help create the announcement thread, but I need to supply the .html with the uploads (which I build based on the announcement)

    and where can I get leader images?
    Hey hey, there is misunderstanding...
    I haven't started the game, I was fiddling with the test game Greeder provided us.
    Hi. I guess this is better than PM?

    Anyway, I mistakenly downloaded the Adventurer save for Botm31. I noticed the mistake before I opened it, then downloaded the Contender save. In fact, I haven't opened either file as of this message.

    Anyway, in case you're concerned I'm fooling around, now you know everything you need to know.
    Hi again,

    Another crash during BOTM31 to report. Been playing some free demos and I think one of them caused me some trouble. It was 1660AD, during end-of-turn processing. I'll restore to autosave from end of that turn.

    Playing BOTM31, had a system crash 1460AD. Was at end of a turn and had saved, so restoring from saved game means no replaying needed. But thought I'd better advise anyway.

    Thanks for the cool game,
    Re: BOTM25
    Is OK to play the game on two different computers? I'm having issues with my main computer and plan to continue the game on my laptop. Will xOTM cheat detection flag this?
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