'No empire lasts forever. But civilizations can.'

Jan 13, 2022
The idea that states are temporary, but the civilizations that make them can last as long as the player wills. A radical idea. I've talked about it before. Let's talk about how it would work in terms of gameplay.

Remember When I Said 'Every Tile Has People and a Community?'

Well, the base unit of management (automatic and manual) is not the city, but the tile. The people in the tile, to be specific. You don't get to manage minor occurrences- like building a butchery, or making a farm, or researching, the people will do that for you. They will even start tribal conflicts by themselves. You DO get to manage MAJOR occurrences- great projects. The bigger the community is, the more you get to manage.

States =/= Civilizations

You play as the spirit of the civilization. Civilizations are not states. States can make up a civilization, but states can fall, conquer the rest, break apart, or diverge from their civilization and make a new one. And what state achieves dominance (or falls apart) is extremely important on a local (or even regional or global) level.

You play as a polity within your civilization. A tribe. A city-state. A maritime republic. An empire. Anything. You can swap between states with a cooldown. You can customize your states endlessly with the Variable system, which are each 'features' for a civilization that determines its yield bonuses, unit bonuses. the type of buildings it can make, the type of actions it can take (like colonization), the type of religion it makes, and so on and so forth.

In fact, here's 10 variables, each on a spectrum

Spoiler 10 Variables :

Batch 1- World View


Human Dominant-Nature Dominant



Batch 2- Governmental




Batch 3- Environmental

These don't exist on a spectrum, they are determined by the environment. If your civilization is in a steppe where stone and trees are uncommon, your buildings will probably be made out of mud brick.

Building Material (Common)

Building Material (Upper Class)

Clothing Material

Clothing Coverage

Batch 4- Taboos

These also don't exist on a spectrum. They measure taboos generated through in game actions and RNG.

States collapse. They die. Han is long dead, but the Chinese are still alive. The pharaohs no longer rule, but Egypt still stands high. When your state dies (it will) you swap to another and keep playing. You die when nothing is left of your civilization- like what happened to the Indus River Valley civilization.


You can move your people. The less settled your people, and the faster you can move, the more people you can bring faster. Horse nomads can migrate anywhere they can and want to.
I think the mechanic of a game make it unrealistic historical speaking.
Because the same unit I receive around 3200 ac still in combat at 3200 bc (and full of promotions)

But I would like some mechanic to make the game more realistic, maybe independence of states as US to UK.
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