Top 10 setting I liked about civ 6


Mar 22, 2024
This is a short and simple top 10 list of settings and mods I always use, they’re mostly very simple but they make the game significantly more enjoyable.
  1. Game speed online (so games don’t take forever)
  2. Nerfed walls (mod) (conquest is far too difficult)
  3. More aggressive AI (mod) (AI never poses a genuine military threat)
  4. Raging barbarians (to reduce the boring no-action bits of the game)
  5. Zero city states (city states don’t add anything to the game and only occupy land)
  6. Minimum city distance 6 (mod) (reduces city spamming)
  7. No eurika, inspiration and historic moment popups (mod)
  8. Map size tiny (with 6 players)
  9. Sea level low (more usable map surface)
  10. No cartoony game artstyle (mod) (replaces map with beautiful CIV5 version)

Top 10 features wish list, you'll notice my suggestions mostly focus on adding less mechanics that involve a menu or selection toolbar, and more on interacting with the map:

1. Culture is used to capture cities in peacetime
Culture victories or playthroughs have always been extremely boring, you simply accumulate culture and tourism, and then when you have enough you win.
I wish culture focussed more on peacetime conquest, expansionism is fun, and having the ability to make enemy cities rebel first through a culture superiority sounds like a more interesting cultural victory.
I’d also like to add that cultural superiority can be used as a currency in trade deals, meaning it also acts as a sort of “sphere of influence” type mechanic. So if your nation is buckling under my culture, I can reduce this pressure through a trade deal.

2. Religion boosts combat power against heretics
Religion is simply spamming priests, and not just one, but hundreds of them each turn. It is miserable and unrewarding.
I hope instead you can choose which faith your civilization follow (that exist in your empire) and conversions of a non-followed faith have the power to make cities rebel.
This means if I am converted by faith X, I can choose to follow that faith, meaning it becomes my civilization’s faith. Now I can recruit missionaries of faith X and convert someone who has chosen to follow faith Y, this brings their cities to rebel, as they do not follow faith X.
I also hope as the faith’s founder, you gain significant military bonusses against everyone who has accepted your faith but has declared war on you.
This means as a faith playthrough you can rebel the cities of hostile faiths and crush any who war on you who follow your faith.

3. Settle distance between cities adjustable through a menu setting
Civilization 6 can get very tedious when you have a lot of cities to manage, I’d like to at least have a menu setting where you can adjust the tile distance between cities so the city spamming can be reduced without a mod. I now use a mod that has this distance to 6 tiles to realise this.

4. Apocalyptic map changing events activatable through player actions or as randomly triggering events
I explained some of these in this post:

5. Changes to spies
Spies are generally extremely tedious and I’m not sure if they really add anything to the game. I like that spies are optional, that’s great, but I don’t think it’s a fun feature. It would be more fun if spies were a unit you could move around that ignores borders that have the ability to pillage a tile without triggering a war. But are discovered when adjacent to enemy units, and have 5 movement. They can be attacked without triggering a war when inside your territory and have only 1 HP.

6. No more league of nations or world council voting.
I hate that I every time have to vote over league of nations laws that I genuinely don’t care about.
I think the league of nations laws should be something players can purchase using diplomatic points, which can also be acquired by the number of units, culture, science and faith your have.
This means no longer are other players bothered by league of nations popups, and nations with a hegemony can be more powerful in the league of nations.
If you choose to undo a league of nations law someone else enacted, the price will go up.
Moreover, the league of nations mechanic is only activated when someone has discovered all other civilizations.
For example, a league of nations law is: “+/-20% cost on purchasing and building naval units.” I can buy this to go up for 100 diplomatic points. But the next player who wants to change this value will have to pay 150 diplomatic points, if I want do undo that, I have to pay 200 diplomatic points, etc.
I think this would add a new fun political bickering mechanic to the game where you can specifically target league of nations laws that hurt your opponents more than they hurt you.
These laws are allow general and broad, no more than 10 different laws that increase or reduce these values by +/-20%:
  • Land unit upkeep cost
  • Naval unit upkeep cost
  • Nuke upkeep and production cost
  • Gold production
  • Science production
  • Cultural production
  • Faith production
  • Production from coal
  • Production from oil
  • Production from nuclear
7. Better looking map tiles and civilization leaders
I know this one is pretty simple and obvious, but looks sell. I’m sorry but the cartoony look civilization 6 has gone for isn’t nice to look at.

8. Removal of city states
City states are players occupying the map that don’t do anything at all. They don’t attack you, they don’t engage in diplomacy or just anything, all they do is take up space and I don’t think they add anything fun to the game. I have turned them off, and realised my game experience is a significantly more fun than when I had them enabled.

9. Removal of governors
Governors are another tedious boring mechanic that just takes up gameplay time to manage. I don’t like more added menus that I have to manage. I like more resource management but not more non-optional mechanics.

10. Removal of armies and armadas
Stacking units for a slight stat boost don’t feel interesting or engaging. I’d much rather have options of building support units like battering rams, siege towers, medics, etc.
More aggressive AI (mod) (AI never poses a genuine military threat)
I think the issue is more to do with the fact that the AI is not competent enough in tactical combat, and the fact that AI-civs are dunderheads who don't realize they should gang together against a larger aggressive common foe. The World Congress tries to deal with the second problem, but for me that is too hamfisted an approach.
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