Optimal climates

I mean, yes, if they can't be traded then there isn't a problem. But I was thinking that ressource introduction could work well with a form of strategic resource trading (ie, securing the resource from neighbors so you can start your own farming if you don't have it within your borders). If there is no such trading then there is no such problem.

My loose thinking was that, rather than having "introduction of the resource" (however that would work) give a bonus to farm, it should allow construction of the appropriate type of farm. My initial idea was that you could build (say) a Rice Farm if you either A)had the wild rice resource on that tile OR
B)had access to the wild rice resource from an improved wild rice tile in your empire OR
C)had access to the wild rice resource via trade with another empire that has an improved wild rice tile OR
D)had an adjacent Rice Farm.

But I could see simplifying B and C to allow the building of Rice Farms in any city that has a trade route with another city that has a rice farm.
So, here is an idea of the base yield for land biomes.
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Then giving agriculture a significative role we can have Staple Crops as resources that improve the food yield in certain biomes, these appears naturaly but the players can also spread them to others cities. So which approach do you prefer a complex one like in the next tables:
Spoiler Staple Crops :

Or a straightfoward approach were each crop provide bonus to a whole category like this:
* Wheat, bonus to Grasslands.​
* Rice, bonus to Wetlands.​
* Maize, bonus to Mild climate.​
* Potato, bonus to Cold climate.​
* Cassava, bonus to Warm climate.​
* Sorghum, bonus to Shrublands.​
The first model is more "realistic" in terms of crop yield by biomes and the cumulative value of these terrains for gameplay. While the second is easier to memorize and reduce the difference between biomes yield. Anyway in both models when a crop is to be introduced to a city(or tile) it will be shown to the player both a small info display with the number of beneficed tiles at the same time that these tiles are highlighted on map, so the player would have clear information about the gains.
i'd like plan A for more realism and depth
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