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Nov 15, 2014
Have been using mods for about 6000h in Civ6, and have learned to poke around in files, doing some small tweaking here and there.
Now my list of preference has grown so long, and so have my mod list I use. I think I need to step up my game, and create my own patch mod (for strictly personal use, no upload anywhere), in stead of running true every mod-file after authors have updated their mods.
The changes I do are for example range of effect of factory and wonders. Or movement range of a specific unit from a mod. Or wording in some texts. Etc...
I would like to keep my patch small, so the changes must require the original mods installed, and I only editing/adding lines of existing files. So I can leave original mods untouched in the future.

Is there an well-known patch mod out there that I can use as a template/reference/reverse engineer?
Since this must load from Docs/MyGame, is there any drawbacks with that?
I might need to fiddle with load-order, what was the main rule there? Lowest number will be loaded last, and the last mod will override every other mod that changed that single value?
Any advice in keeping track of files/data altered, to compare with new updates for original creators?
Very short; When do you use sql, xml and lua in this patch scenario?

Was looking over the Civ6 - Modding Tutorials & Reference, but I don't need to learn 3D-modeling for this. (I think) :)

Thank you.

Collect multiple edits of multiple, existing mod-files, across different mods, into 1 single, personal patch mod.
This is quite the journey... :)
Been reading through CIVILIZATION 6 MODDING GUIDE, by Lee "LeeS" Shipp
Collected the pure edits of vanilla files, eliminating a bunch of tiny mods I've had in my load-order. The plan is to not load these mods in my game, but still stay Subscribed so I get updates from authors, and if so; update my patch-mod accordingly.

Now on to putting my changes of mod-files in to order. The editing of a mods lua-file, puzzles me. Since the mod doesn't add/change anything to existing tables/files (like Units.xml, etc)
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