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Please Help

Winged Hussar

Feb 18, 2002
Chicago, IL
Hi all,

I am asking for help since I am new to editing civ 3.

This is what happaned:

1) I edited a BIC file in the editor, basically renaming a civ and giving it different attributes.

2) I then changed the name of that civs UU, making it a cavalry unit.

3) All I wanted was a mounted unit that starts a golden age, but I accidentally goofed up and gave this unit a bombardment ability and strength (without selecting the "immobile" unit attribute).

4) I then saved the BIC file, and started playing. It took me a while for my civ to get to this UU. When I got it and tried to build my first UU, the game crashed. I realised my mistake listed in 3) since the unit properties at the build unit window in a city showed this unit as having the values 7(4), 4, 3 - and I knew the number in the "( )" means bombardment strength. The game crashes everything I try to build this unit.

Anyways, it was a fun game and I was wondering if I can salvage it. I realized my mistake, solved the problem, and saved the file in the editor as a BIC, but I guess to take advantage of the fix I have to start the scenario over again. Is there anyway I can edit the "sav" file and change the attributes of my UU so that the game won't crash? Also, I was thinking of saving my "sav" file as a "bic" (creating a scenario from my saved game), and going to the editor to change what I goofed up on. ...but how can I do this?

Looking forward to the replys,

Winged Hussar
Giving the unit bombardment ability shouldn't cause the game to crash. When you renamed the unit, did you also go the the units folder and rename the folder and the .ini file names for that unit to the new name of the unit? If you didn't, then that's probably what is causing the game to crash, and restarting your scenario won't fix that. Example: If you rename the stealth fighter to "F-117," you would also have to go the the art\units folder and the folder named "stealth fighter" would have to be renamed to "F-117" then inside that folder, the file named "stealth fighter.ini" would have to be renamed to "F-117.ini" That's just an example, but I hope it makes sense anyway.
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