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Port Request of Bingles' Civ IV Leader Traits in Civ V, to Civ VI


Apr 28, 2021
I've always really wanted to see a version of Bingles' Civ IV Leader Traits mod for Civ IV. I created of rough outline of what a slightly retooled and updated version would look like, but I have absolutely no modding knowledge or talent. If anyone would like to make a version of this mod using these ideas, I would be pleased to commission it.

The changes are meant to be relatively faithful to the original mod, but I did tweak most of them to cover new buildings, new mechanics, and encourage tall play, which I think is pretty weak in vanilla Civ VI. For example, cities no longer get yield bonuses per city, but per district, and more traits have yields that scale off of population, to favor dense cities.

If you have any thoughts or critiques, I'd love to hear them.

New Traits
  • To help give each leader a unique combination of traits and to utilize more mechanics in the game, I’ve added two new traits, and one returning from Civ IV; Glorious, Naval, and Organized
  • Glorious focuses on Wonder production and Golden Ages
  • Naval takes the militaristic aspects of Seafaring to give both traits a unique identity
  • Organized interacts with Spies, a mechanic previously untouched by traits, and the new Governor mechanic

Charismatic - Cities receive +1 Amenity, and receive an additional +1 Amenity from Monuments, Arenas, and Broadcast Centers. +1 Gold per Population in cities. Military units gain +25% XP. +100% Production towards Zoos, Broadcast Centers, and Stadiums.

Creative - Districts provide +1 Culture. +0.5 Culture per Population in cities. Specialists provide +1 Culture. +100% Production towards Monuments, Amphitheaters, and Art Museums.

Diplomatic - +100% Alliance points. +1 Influence points and +1 Diplomatic Favor per turn for every trade route to a City-State, increasing to +2 if you are Suzerain of that City-State. Receive an extra Diplomatic Policy slot in any Government after unlocking the Political Philosophy civic. +100% Production towards Chanceries and Consulates.

Expansive - Districts provide +1 Food. Founded cities start with +1 Population and +1 Housing. Specialists provide +1 Food. +100% Production towards Granaries, Sewers, and Food Markets.

Financial - +2 Gold from Luxury resources. Specialists provide +2 Gold. +100% Gold from Markets, Banks, and Stock Exchanges. +100% Production towards Banks, Ferris Wheels, and Shopping Malls.

Glorious - +25% Production towards Wonders. Cities receive +1 Science, +1 Culture, and +2 Gold per Population while in a Golden Age. +100% Production towards Arenas, Archaeological Museums, and Military Academies.

Imperialistic - +100% Great General and Great Admiral points. All cities receive +2 Loyalty for each Great General or Great Admiral you control. Government Plaza buildings provide +1 Amenity. +100% Production towards Hangars, and +25% Production towards Military land units.

Industrious - +1 Production from improved Bonus and Strategic resources. Specialists provide +1 Production. +100% Production towards Workshops, Hydroelectric Dams, and Power Plant buildings.

Inventive - Districts provide +1 Science. Specialists provide +1 Science. Cities generate Science equal to 25% of their Production output. +100% Production towards Water Mills, Research Labs, and Airports.

Mercantile - +50% Food from internal Trade Routes and +50% Gold from international Trade Routes. Trade Routes gain +1 Production for passing through Trading Posts. +100% Production towards Markets, Stables, and Stock Exchanges.

Militaristic - Unit maintenance reduced by 1 Gold per turn. Melee units start with Battlecry, and Anti-Cavalry units start with Echelon. +100% Production towards Barracks and Armories.

Naval - Naval Melee units start with Embolon, and Naval Ranged units start with Line of Battle. Fleets receive +1 Movement, and Armadas receive +2 Movement. +100% Production towards Shipyards and Seaports, and +25% Production towards Naval units.

Organized - The Palace provides +100% Science, Gold, Production, and Culture. Gain a free Spy and +1 Spy capacity after unlocking Civil Service. Building the Government Plaza or Government Plaza buildings grants an additional +1 Governor Title. +100% Production towards Libraries and Factories.

Philosophical - +100% Great Person points. +2 Culture and +2 Tourism from Great Works. +100% Production towards Groves, Sanctuaries, and Universities.

Protective - Cities receive an additional Ranged strike each turn. Military units receive +4 CS when fighting in or adjacent to friendly territory. +100% Production towards Walls and Flood Barriers.

Seafaring - Gain +1 Trade Route capacity and a free Trader upon building a Harbor in the Capital. Building a Lighthouse grants a free Builder. Naval units and embarked units gain +1 Movement and +1 Sight. +100% Production towards Lighthouses, Aquariums, and Aquatics Centers.

Spiritual - Districts provide +1 Faith. +0.5 Faith per Population in cities. Specialists provide +1 Faith. +1 Great Prophet point from Monuments. +100% Production towards Shrines and Temples.
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