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preview of swedish carolean

Apr 1, 2001
just wanted to set the standards a bit higher.;)

well, i´m gonna use this unit for my coming swedish mod. the making of it is going forward, working with the attack animation now, but all the yellow is a hell to do.

anyway, can you see anything i should improv?


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Or if you have a Swedish civ, could be used to replace the musketman (i know France already has this, but the carolean could have increased move or defense to be different from the musketeer)
Animepornstar, I have posted a copy of your animated gif in the thread for a small libary of them. I did this because I wasn't sure if your finishing this up or not. If you are, or want me to remove it, I will do so. Just trying to keep you informed.
here is an image that they used to have but is no longer there. I wonder why this unit wasn't included.

They probably didn't think there were enough techs to separate musketmen from minutemen/grenadier/carolinean from rifleman.


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I think that the problem is that the so called civ3 'musketman' looks more like a 17th century (Spanish looking) Harquebusier. Both animepornstar's and Kal-el pictures look much, much more like a 'true' musketman of the 'ancien regime' 18th century period (I always think of musketmen as wearing tricorne or Napoleonic type hats). So I would rename the civ3 unit.
How is the Sweden mod coming along. I really look forward to playing it.

Btw, could you perhaps include civs like Denmark, Poland and Holland in the mod, and also make sure not to replace civs like Russia and Germany so I can rule the baltic sea with my mighty Swedish empire. Would be awesome!!

I totally agree. Infact that is what I am planning on doing as soon as this unit gets finished.:p

I really like your horse archer and other ancient units. Have you thought about using the AoE images that I posted. They would be perfect for the mod you're working on. I can post some more if someone would use them. If you're not familiar with AoE let mem know and I will put together a list of the various unit images I have extracted.

Anyway, hope this musketman gets finished soon. It would be a great addition to the game.
To Kal-el,

I'm still a bit concerned about copyright issues. On the other hand, once the unit has been resized, adapted, converted and recoloured.....
So yes please! (anything to speed up this torturous process!).

there are a bunch of bmps already on the board. I will try and consolidate the rest of what I have and poast them on the main creation and customization page either tomorrow or Friday. I imagine that there is enough there already to keep you busy. (not only that but the ones I posted already are the ones I really want to see finished for my own personal selfish reasons) ;)
The artwork looks great. Some thoughts I had along related lines, before seeing this post, are in the "Musketmen & Flintlocks" thread in the general "Creation & Customization" section (thanks to Kryten for pointing me over here!).

like i said in the swe mod thread, the work with the units is going slow because of exams.:(

however, the infogrames unit looks intresting.
I would also very much like this unit, or something like it. The game definitely needs a unit between Musketman and Rifleman.
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