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Sep 29, 2010
As we all know culture victories are only possible for very small empires. Nothing wrong with enabling small empires to win in my opinion, it is however sad to see large empires will see very little benefit from culture and thereby some policies go to waste (such as those in the order and autocracy set).

It would be great to see a mod that balances this so that large empires can still benefit from culture (although it should still be easier to get a culture win with a small empire).

My suggestion involves a culture bonus that somewhat resembles religion in civ 4. It will also make natural wonders and some great people improvements more usefull.

In different era's civilizations can found a certain art-form that will spread somewhat like religions did. My suggestions:

ancient/classical era= Poetry

Poetry is almost as old as language itself. Some ancient cultured civilizations are still famed for their poets, for example Greece. There is ancient and classical era literature that is still read today (Beowulf, Oddysee)

The first to discover writing founds this art-form. It will give a standard +2 culture per city and libraries increase the spreadrate within your empire. It will also give +4 culture on a natural wonder tile.

Rennaisance era= Realism

Drawings and paintings are found in even the oldest caves, this is with no doubt the oldest art-form. For very long drawings were very one and two dimensional. The egyptians always pictured humans from the side and even in the medieval ages artists were still creating ''comic-like'' artpieces. It was not untill the enlightened rennaisance era that artists discovered a few basic rules about painting that would change the artform forever. Realism was founded and great artists such as Van Gogh were able to create photo-like paintings. Compared by older art forms this style was astonishingly realistic and beautifull.
The first to discover accoustics founds this art-form. Workshops will increase the spreadrate of this art-form but also get a +1 culture bonus for every natural wonder/monument/world wonder in the empire. This will specificly benefit larger empires which will probably have more of these.

For example: a small empire with 3 cities, 3 world wonders and one monument gets +4 times 3 if a workshop is present in every city. Thus +12
A large empire with 12 cities, 3 world wonders, one monument and on natural wonder gets +5 for every workshop (up till twelve) for a total of 60

Also museums will give a +10 % gold bonus if the artform is present.

Industrial era= Pop music

Music is a very old art-form, but for a few exceptions (mozart) artists always held regional fame. When radio and later on television made their way into the people's houses a single artist could reach millions at a time. When the beatles broke through they became famous world wide in no time. There were few people in the civilized world who had not heard of them and their fame and style has greatly influenced the many and different music styles we see today.

The first to research radio founds this art-form. Broadcast towers increase spread-rate. Stadiums will give some sort of gold bonus if it's present in the city. Theatres will give a city +10% culture if this is present in the city.

Modern Era= The internet

Although not an art-form in itself, the internet has created a platform for many kinds of cultural progress, but has also allowed scientific knowledge to be shared easily. The greatest digital invention of al times has changed the lifes of many people on many levels.

The first to research computers founds this form. There is no way to help it spread (perhaps increasing basic spread-rate is a good idea). When present it gives +5 culture rate per city in the world connected to it. This will again mostly benefit larger empires. At the same time it can be seen as an end-game development. The more it spreads, the more powerfull it becomes! (Sort of an end-game culture bonus as an alternative to the Giant Death Robot invasion)

I would really like to know what people think of this idea. I understand it would need some balancing as some buildings might get OP and it is important to not overdose the amount of culture gained to avoid early cultural victories. Also, I'm wondering how hard this would be to implement.
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