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Jul 13, 2006
Hello, I have been a vanilla C-IV player until I recently got BTS. Because of this I have no experience about how patching an expansion should work (not even in other games, C-IV is the first game to which I have installed a patch ever).
So I have some doubts:

The most inportant one is this: If I install the Latest BTS patch will I automatically install the latest Vanilla patch?

If this is not so: If I install the last Vanilla patch, does it have any effect on BTS? (If not, is there any reason why I should install it, since I don´t think i will play vanilla any more)

If i should install the latest vanilla patch, can I do it from the update option in BTS, or should i do it from the Vanilla Civ menu?

Thank you for your answers
I would install the BTS patch first, and then run vanilla civ to check the version number.
So, that means that there is no need to install the Vanilla patch if I amn´t going to play vanilla anymore?
Sorry about all the posts :)

But the long version is that, BtS comes with the patches it needs for vanilla. So before you install, it checks to see if you have the required version of vanilla civ. If and when you do, the installation continues. When done, you dont have to worry about the vanilla part anymore. If you plan to play BtS alone, then just patch that. Either from within the game or the web.
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