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Question about the civ3mod.bic


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Oct 15, 2001
First, what the difference between civ3mod.bic and the edit.exe?

And, how I can set the screen for change the size for go change things at the bottom?

Pardon my poor english again.:rolleyes:
Short Explanation: civ3mod.bic is the data file, whereas civ3edit is the program.

More extensive explanation: civ3mod.bic is the main rules file for the game and you use civ3edit to edit this. Now if you want to edit the main rules, it is easier to just double click on civ3mod, and save yourself the step of loading in the rules. Though, make sure to make a backup copy of the rules file first (so that you can restore it before you patch the game or in case you really screw up).
Thanks, but I want to know (I refer to the second question) if he have a way to change the size of the screen ''RULES'' because that not possible to see and change things at the bottom of the screen.( like in civ3 official site when we watch screenshots)

...Firaxis made a alliance with computers companies for sell more big monitors. ( just a theory):rolleyes:
If you are having trouble with seeing everything on the screen at once, then I am guessing you are probably runing at too low of a resolution. I believe that the editor requires you desktop to be set at the min res for the game to be able to see everything (instead of the more likely 800x600 that you are running at).

Since most video drivers now a days along on the fly resolution switching you don't have to make a pernament resolution change. Just change to 1024x768 when you want to use the editor and then change back afterwards. Though if you are using a 17" CRT or a 15" flat panel or larger you should consider running at the 1024x768 or higher resolution.
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