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May 23, 2001
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Is Rhye's and Fall actually being developed again?

It is, since April 2020, "thanks" to the Coronavirus pandemic which gave me some unexpected free time to work on it.
Many times I felt guilty for leaving a halfway developed mod, long awaited by the community, lost somewhere in an external hard disk in a shelf... Now that I finally got the chance, I decided to dig into that hard drive again. So, I hope to be forgiven for the long absence!
I am not alone in this, as skilled modders such as bc1, Jiska and jbakke have helped me.
It's taking, however, much more time than initially predicted.

What happened to Rhye's and Fall of Civilization all these years?

Works on the Civ5 version were started immediately, in 2010. With the help of Gedemon, Seraphim and other modders from Civfanatics.
It wasn't easy because my PC was too weak for the game, and any time there was a crash (which happened a lot) I had to wait sometimes hours: to reload the game, investigate, try a fix and re-run the autoplay. Autoplay was heavy also for other testers, apparently.
On the top of that, every time Firaxis released a patch or a DLC it was an interference with my plans for the mod.
Finally, all of a sudden my free time was over, and the mod was left as "a thing to do".

What happened to Rhye?

To say it shortly...I have been busy. I know this is not enough explanation and I need to apologise...
If you want to know more in detail you can read the spolier.

Spoiler :

2010 Started working on RFC for Civ5
2011 The RFC development goes on but far to be completed, also because collaborators sometimes had to leave. At some point moved to Japan, changed field to robotics; started Ph.D.; free time to zero due to the frantic lifestyle of Tokyo.
2012 Moved to Germany and back through many business trips, free time even less than the previous year. Found external help to do some more progress on RFC, but couldn't integrate on the previous versions.
2013 Moved to the US, then Germany, then Japan and other places in a rush to finish Ph.D. Uninstalled Civ5.
2014 Moved to the Netherlands, Brazil, then to London in a restless barbarian fashion
2015 Moved back to Japan, started post-doc; published a scientific article on the mechanisms of RFC together with Soren Johnson
2016 Heavy workload; keep developing robots
2017 Bought Civ6, quickly gave up; moved to Russia and then Peru
2018 Working in Japan/Peru, heavy work load with teaching duties
2019 Same as 2018. My work can be seen here:

Why Civ5 instead of Civ6?

When I bought Civ6 I made up my mind that it wasn't going to happen, because of Civ6 districts, which make a game more as a sort of "Age of Empires", in the sense that you have a few bases (cities) for which you construct buildings and fight against other players bases. This doesn't seem to work well on a grand-scale game on a world map: in fact my only game played with the Earth map I spawned in the Amazon and it was all pretty uninspiring.
Furthermore, I don't like the Civ6 cartoonish appearance. So well, it's a great game, but not for RFC.

When will it be released?

No exact time fixed yet, but we are in the late stages of alpha.
After it hits beta and it's playtested enough, it will be released on Steam as well.

How can I download it?

Send a private message to me; I will give you the link to the newest version and a task to do.
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Oct 25, 2016
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How long you have to wait for an answer? Is there a need to deliver something (like experience with Civs etc) to be able to help/test?
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