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Railroad Tycoon 4?

Discussion in 'Other Sid Meier Games' started by Optimizer, Feb 12, 2009.


What kind of Railroad sequel would you like to play?

  1. Railroad Tycoon 4, with railroad cars flowing across a realistic map from supplier to demander

    89 vote(s)
  2. Railroads! 2 - a model railroad landscape where the player makes all the deliveries

    22 vote(s)
  3. Something inspired by Railroad Pioneer, with fog of war and explorers

    6 vote(s)
  4. Another kind of focus

    4 vote(s)
  5. Nothing, I am happy with the existing games

    1 vote(s)
  1. SkyboardSoftwar

    SkyboardSoftwar Chieftain

    Aug 26, 2011
    whoo hoo.

    can't believe how good a book this is. my dad read it a bunch of times he would always brag to me growing up.. etc. and now I decided to read it.. but in the years I have played all the RR's and can't wait for RR4 .. but just wanted to say...

    sweet stuff. everybody that loves the economic system and backend of the railroad life and oldschool nitty gritty of it all should definatly check out the book "Atlas Shrugged'

    That Readen metal...
  2. Lone Cat

    Lone Cat Chieftain

    Jul 24, 2011
    I'd say YES to RT4. Why?
    1. I've played Sid Meier's Railroads! and RT3 before. the RR seemed to be too small for me. compared to RT3.
    fewer scenarios, fewer locos. and fewer nations. Where's Shay and Big Boys?
    2. I need a littlebit more complex economics. the 'Nitrate economics' is more or less a bit pun to sheep industry.
    3. and Campaign modes please. RT3 has a very long campaign spanned accross the globe. RR only limited to America and Western Europe.
    Where's Sulzer, Henschel and Alsthom diesel locos?
  3. The Rusty Gamer

    The Rusty Gamer Chieftain

    Dec 31, 2001
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    There's a facebook game called Trainstation which has another good idea that could be implemented in any future Railroad Tycoon game. You don't just build things with money, but also with materials, the very materials you have shipped. This means you might (for instance) need wood and nails to build certain buildings; so you would have to have a train route to ship these things so you can use them. You simply couldn't just rely on revenue from passenger trains, which tends to be a main flaw in previous versions of this game.
  4. FranzF

    FranzF Chieftain

    Jun 10, 2015
    I realize this is a bit of a dead topic. However if you guys are looking for this game, we're launching a Kickstarter to do this very thing. I worked on RT2 and 3 as well as all the other PopTop games. Sadly, publishers are not very willing to do this kind of game so we're looking to crowdfunding!

    Rails & Riches

    Feel free to take a look and ask question.
  5. Quintillus

    Quintillus Archiving Civ3 Content Supporter

    Mar 17, 2007
    I'm sorry to see this didn't take off - RRT2 is one of my most-played games, and I'd definitely be interested in a well-done successor. I do agree with the sentiment on the blog post that more gameplay coverage probably would have helped both with the Kickstarter itself and in attracting press coverage. It sounds good from the description but it's always more impressive to have a proof of concept and some images that the press can use as their header image. I'm glad to see it looks like work will continue towards that stage, and look forward to being able to buy the game in the future.
  6. bhavv

    bhavv Glorious World Dictator

    Jun 13, 2006
    Id have to agree, there wasn't anywhere near enough gameplay shown. The only in game footage shown in the video was a little bit of track laying. I get that it was still very early in production, but nowadays fewer and fewer gamers are supportive of kickstarter / early access projects with too little promise shown to support why they should pledge their money.

    A short demonstrable video demo of full gameplay is really needed as a minimum to get kickstarters noticed now.

    As much as I love RT2 and 3, I still wouldn't pledge to that project because I have no way of telling that it will be anything like those games.
  7. SpitfireMI

    SpitfireMI Chieftain

    Jun 6, 2014
    The average person is dumber than before.

    And also, games are getting more costly to make, thus devs have to sell more or cut corners. I would be totally OK with a game with RT3 lvl graphics, they actually look better than a few recent games!

    But one feature: Track Guages.
  8. Nightinggale

    Nightinggale Chieftain Supporter

    Feb 2, 2009
    I know this thread is long dead, but google took me to it and it might take other people here, so here goes.

    First of all, Railroad Pioneer is on sale on steam right now with a 60% discount. It's certainly well worth the price at this point.

    As for the question, I don't think we will really see something like RT4. Starting with RT3, the genre went towards simplification and it's a general trend. Civ4 also turned out to peak in complexity and the new releases talks to a larger audience, but at a cost of the quality in complexity. The whole gaming market moves towards some arcade like or casual like gaming. What really counts now is to put something (preferably cheaply produced), place it on steam and get casual gamers to buy and profit from it. Proper games are more costly to produce and apparently have a more narrow audience.

    Then again there are indie games, which makes it despite being complex, like Factorio and Rimworld.

    I really wish for a game to continue from RT2. What the game needs is better control of slopes. The fact that you can build a track, remove it and then build it again to gain a better slope tells that the game is lacking in that area. I would also wish for a new Railroad Pioneer. It's an awesome game, but the interface is less than perfect and it's not the most stable code in the world. It's also not intuitive in some areas like a level where you need a certain type of car and you can't produce it in the workshop near your starting location. You need to spend ages beating a competitor to go bankrupt and then you can pass the competitor to reach another workshop and here you can build the car you need to complete the level. This means you have to spend possibly a number of hours on the map while wondering if you can't complete the map due to a bug.

    It would also be nice to have an English version 1.07. The English version is version 1.0 and the German version is patched to 1.07. However I suspect this is due to the German version being released first and the fixes are actually in the English 1.0. Still I can't be sure because there is apparently no official word on this and people have been asking for an English 1.07 patch since it was released in 2004 and still ask on Steam. It actually has negative reviews on Steam due to not including the 1.07 patch.

    I get what you are trying to say, but I think the issue you are pointing out is mostly unnamed places in the new world vs placenames for every location in the old world. In the mid 18th century England (not UK, just in England specifically) started to build canals. Rivers and canals combined allowed sailing from London to Liverpool and from Bristol to York? (at least somewhere in the north east). This created an X of easy freight movements and industry started to appear at the crossing because it made transport for raw input and produced goods much cheaper. This location happened to have a local name already, which was Manchester. If it didn't have a name, they would have created one. When Manchester got crowded, they found a new place on the canal system, which was almost as good and started to build industry there as well. It was in the middle of nowhere meaning they didn't reuse existing cities or anything. However they did use the name of the closest village, which happened to be Bradford.

    Cities grow at strategic locations for production or transport. This is for railroads, canals, Roman trading harbors etc. That's just how it works during any age. The only real difference between the UK and US is that most places in the UK have gained names ages ago.

    Considering I'm one of those who push the civ4 engine the most with modding, I would really like to know what you are thinking here. I don't see it as an obvious candidate, but if you do, then please tell how it could be done. It could be very interesting for modding purposes.

    It's an awesome game, but it's horribly unbalanced. The passengers and freight generation is based on the economy and you have no influence on this. Sounds interesting, but in reality it just takes the cargo away from you at random. There is no way to abandon extra tracks without downright removing them, meaning you can't stop maintenance of unused tracks without having to rebuild them from scratch 2 years later when the cargo is back. In reality if a railroad has 3 tracks and only need 2 during hard times, they will maintain 2. However they would use all 3, except the unmaintained one would be slower. Running bulk freight trains at 25 mph will make the track last longer than if it is completely abandoned because not grinding off the rust on top will make the entire rail rust faster.

    Another aspect to remember is that tracks last a very long time. Railroads can easily abandon tracks for 10 years and then start using them again without replacing. Sure it's not at great speed at first, but it can be done. Removing and adding tracks and signals frequently like the game demands is totally unrealistic.

    The game is a micro management nightmare. Managers works well, but only in a star track layout, meaning there is always just one way to go from A to B. If you say build one track from New York to Denver and another one from New York to Houston, it would be obvious to make a track from Texas to Colorado to avoid the transport to the east coast. However doing that will introduce the manager oscillation issue.

    Fix those two issues and the game will become great.

    There are tunnels... sort of. At least you can use tunnels to cross other tracks. The thing is when two trains meet, one of them becomes transparent and wait for the other to pass. This makes it difficult to make lines cross because you have 2 plots shared by both lines, which will stop traffic.

    What you do is this:
    Line A and B will cross here, but because they never enter the same plot, the collision detection system will not detect the other train and two trains can pass each other. I assume this to be a bug, but it's reasonable to assume some sort of tunnel or bridge solution and most importantly I didn't discover this on my own. The AI used this and showed me how it works, meaning you aren't cheating against the AI if you use an exploit used by the AI.

    It should be noted that trains lose speed if turning too fast. If it enters a curve right after another, it will slow down.
    SST...   SST..
    ...T..   ...S.
    ...S..   ....T
    ...S..   ....S
    S = strait
    T = turn
    Tight allows faster trains than left because left has 2 Ts after each other.

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