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What religion civic do you want?

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Feb 2, 2003
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Which religion civic do you want to use?

Organized Religion (current)
Free Religion

OR gives the ability to build missionaries without monasteries, and state religion cities get +25% on buildings. It is high upkeep.
Pacifism gives +100% GP birth rate in cities with state religion. It has no upkeep but costs +1g per military unit. That's +34gpt according to the civics page.
Free Religion requires no state religion, gives +1 happy per religion per city and 10% beakers in all cities. It is low cost and reduces cost by 26gpt.

Link to discussion thread.

Poll is open for 2 days but the result will be used about 3 hours early for the game session.
Free Religion please (this is getting repetitive :))
OR, well most of our cities are well developed, so the time lost building buildings isn't that much

Pacifism: The large miltary we have will mean we will pay through the nose if we choose this!

Free Religion. 10% science plus happiness per religion and a low cost is perfect for us at the moment.
We 've 2 specialists in every town, so the GP is important, also we spread our religion in all cities.
Also many troops should be disband.
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