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Religion pressure


Jul 18, 2007
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
How does the pressure from your cities to other cities work? What does 30 pressure mean exactly and what's the role of distance between your cities? Finally is there a way you can calculate how fast cities will be converted (get an extra follower)?

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Each city with a religion exerts pressure on all cities within ten tiles (13 with Itinerant Preachers enhancer belief) based on game speed. I believe it is 6 pressure per turn on standard. Holy cities also exert pressure on themselves for their founding religion. That I believe is 30 pressure per turn on standard. It takes 100 pressure to convert one citizen. There is another enhancer belief, Religious Texts, that spreads religion 34% faster (68% with Printing Press). So if you are the only one with a religion without Religious texts, you should convert a citizen to your religion in four turns. Then the next ones should be a little faster if the pressure over the 100 rolls over. It will take 17 turns for a citizen to convert in a city close enough to the holy city if no other nearby cities have a religion without Religious Texts.
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