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[GS] Remake of FFH2


Oct 17, 2005
Hi everyone,
I have this crazy thought that FFH2 should have a remake for civ VI, although I realize that I may be biting off way more than I can chew with that idea.
But to do so I would need people who can recreate the units, since I have absolutely no talent in making custom units.
If there is an interest I would also need people to work with me on this.

With the thoughts I have so far it would not be a one to one conversion of kael's glorious civ 4 mod, but in fact something that uses as many of the original ideas as possible, but convert it into a civ 6 mod. I freely admit that so far there are some elements of ffh2 of which I don't have a clue how they can be recreated, while other elements (like religions) would work very different from the original.

If anyone is willing to create graphics for this idea and/or work with me, please respond to this thread to see if we have a chance to work on this.

On a more general note:
Is there anyone making either fantasy and/or steam punk units for civ 6 at all?
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