[GS] Unique Building Locked to 1 Civ

[FADM] Shadow Wing

Feb 24, 2019
The Netherlands
So i am looking for a unique building that is locked to the Civ: The Netherlands.
Where the name of the building is called: The Dam (as in The Dam of Amsterdam)and have this building on the government District.
With that the building Provides:
+1 Gold Yield
and where it can take a modifier like from a Wonder such as from the Hanging Garden the Modifier to add growth.
(with Explanation in the XML on how i would go about change the modifier to that of a different wonder if at a later time i do wish for it.)

I have tried for so long to create a unique building now but i just never can get it to work.
i tried looking for tutorials, asked other people but i just can't seem to figure it out.....
so if someone could gimme a pre-made config for Modbuddy to get it to finally work that would be nice.
i do make use of a addon that gives a template to work with yet even using that i cannot get the unique building to work and so i am at the end of my wits on getting it to work.

if someone could help me with this it would be really appreciated.
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