request - two new worker gfx


Jan 28, 2002
I think i must be really thick because I followed Plutarck's tutorial on how to add new units and I still get a fatal error when I try to build the unit. Let me outline what I did -

1. I used CivCopyTool to add in 1 unit copied from worker, named miner

2. I edited the unit in the Hacked editor to the stats I wanted.

3. I added an addition to the 'pedia copying the worker's entry and changing anything referencing worker to miner.

4. I modified the pediaicons.txt, copying the worker entry and editing it to reflect the miner unit.

5. I double checked that the miner folder and the miner.ini are in the art\units folder.

Now I start my game, try to build the unit and it pukes. I really dunno what I'm doing wrong, any ideas?


appreciate any help, thanks a bunch
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