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Nov 6, 2001
Washington DC
Here is another unit that is missing from the game, the Partisan. I realize that it isn’t possible to have them pop up after a city is taken over a la civ2, but it would still be nice to have a cheap military alternative when you are stuck in a war that you aren’t prepared for, and the partisan seems to fit the bill perfectly.

In my mod, they become available with guerilla warfare, which is available after the discovery of Espionage.

I was thinking that if someone could put a rifle in the modern workers hands that would be perfect. Anybody have any ideas on this? Someone please take up the call on this.
Utahjazz has made a great European Para-military unit, and a Farc rebel, both of which would be great for a modern era Partisan.

I'm going to make a colour modifcation of the rifleman for a WWII era partisan for My 20th century mod. Its basicly the same as the Rifleman but with dark-green/black clothes and a civ coloured cap (maybe berret).

Heres a little low quality preview;
Yeah, when Ive finished the Pioneer he should make a good Patisan with alternative colours.
However I will still be making the Rifle partisan because it will be the only time the Rifle man is used in my scenario, so there shouldn't be too many confusions.
Maybe the pants should be a more drab color, like dark green or brown. I would have him upgrade to the Guerilla, and be available with Espionage. I'd have a line like this:

Fanatic(Monotheism) -> Partisan(Espionage) -> Guerilla(Radio)
I could Make the Trousers (pants) black, perhaps representing leather or Dark tan. Perhaps they could be Green/grey as many WWII partisans collected thier uniforms a garment at a time from killed ememy soldiers.

Perhaps some one who's good at cut and paste could make a bigger modifcation to him, the Rifle man is one of the most modifed units in the forum.
Here is an idea for this particular unit. As an alternative, why not arm a partisan unit with a simple bayonet or makeshift spear weapon. As you may know, English and French partisan units in particular, in most cases during WWII, were armed with crude, makeshift weapons. Typically, they consisted of nothing more than a simple hollow tube with a dagger, knife or bayonet piece secured to the business end. What do ya think?
Yeah, and they even used wooden clubs and splitted stone daggers to hunt Mamuth...

Partisan used pistol, rifles, and submachine gun (mainly Sten from England). These weapons came from the French army, or from containers dropped by the allies.
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