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Revoran's Pangea (play the supercontinent that inspired the map script)

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Custom maps' started by Revoran, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Revoran

    Revoran Prince

    Sep 18, 2010
    Play on the supercontinent that inspired the map script. :)

    Download File Here. Not sure how to post it to the mod browser sorry.

    File is a .rar archive meaning you'll need the application WinRar to unpack it.


    A huge sized map of the supercontinent Pangea as it existed on Earth roughly 250 million years ago, with appropriate terrain. Eurasia is a large landmass to the north, while the Americas and Africa form the central landmass and Australia, Antartica and India the southern landmass. This is a true Pangea map, all areas (excepting small islands) are reachable via land. Resources are hand placed as there is bugs with the random resource placement in the map editor. Resources have been placed so that not all luxuries are in all regions, encouraging trade with other nations.

    Pangea is a crescent shape, with fertile areas along the coast of the Tethys sea (the large sea surrounded mostly by landmass, as opposed to the external Ocean) and fertile areas in the north and south. The central area is dominated by a huge inland desert bordered by the gigantic Appalachian Mountains to the north and what will become the Great Rift Valley of Africa to the south. The southern areas include a large icecap locking up much of the world's water and drying shallow seas that existed previously and will exist again eventually before the continents fully break up.

    I apologize for any failings geography-wise; I'm no expert on the subject, I just find it interesting. I encourage all feedback good or bad. :)

    You are welcome to modify this map, but not to distribute (widely) a modified version without asking me first. You are welcome to distribute this version as you like.

    My personal recommendation is going all in with 22 civilizations and 28 city-states for a truly massive game (if your pc can support it).

    If anyone wants to take screens with settings on medium/high (preferably using the dev control panel to reveal the map) i'd be greatful as my pc doesn't seem to want to take screenshots in game.
    Spoiler Worldbuilder :

    Update Log:
    April 05 2011: Ticked the "randomize goodies" button which will hopefully add Ancient Ruins in random places on the map. Fingers crossed.
    March 30 2011: Added atolls and natural wonders (which for some weird reason were missing when I opened the map) including Cerro de Potosi. El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth were not included due to balance issues and being fictitious - you can very easily add them yourself via the "plopper" in the Worldbuilder in the SDK - a free download under "Tools" in Steam.
    Dec 20 2010: Previous version was missing many resources due to an accident - new map should have all resources placed.
  2. Gewar

    Gewar Chieftain

    Sep 9, 2009
    Gdynia - Poland

    I have downloaded your map and I like it very much.
    One thing - could you add ancient ruins to it? I miss them.

    Thanks for great work ;)
  3. Revoran

    Revoran Prince

    Sep 18, 2010
    I ticked a button to add the ancient ruins randomly (i hope it worked). Do me a favour and test it out :)

    I would not want to add them in manually as if you know where the ruins are it kind of defeats the point.

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