Rule Titania


Jul 5, 2002
Mod based on Saturn's moon Titan. Basically done. Works. Doesn't freeze, doesn't crash, isn't that ugly, pretty good balance I guess depending on taste.

Here's what you need.
First download this:
Unzip it and put it in IProgramFiles\Infogrames\Civ3\Conquests\Scenarios.
You should have a biq called Titania and a folder called Titan1.

Then download this:
Unzip it and put it in the folder Titan1, which should now contain three folders: Art, Text, and Supplemental Units.

Now, download this, unzip it, and put the folder Advisors in the folder Art:

And download this, unzip it, and put the folder Terrain in the foler Art:

Next, download the Neomega's entire Pentagenesis for Conquests mod, unzip it, go into its folder, Art subfolder, drag the folder Units into Titan1/Art.

Finally, go out into Titan1, drag Supplemental Units into Art, and then drag all the units out of it into Units.

This "mod" lacks: hypertext in the civilopedia, ANY buildings, and sound. And those little city advisor heads. And smallheads for population. And documentation of where I got stuff (mostly from MOO3 and SMAC and Pentagenesis and NASA and other stuff from this civ3 fanatics website though I forget where. And sound. Try it you'll like it. You get your rear end wooped at first, but look here, learn and try again.

Just some quick heads up: until era 2 the only effective settlers are generated by a cheap lesser wonder you can get very early. Until era 3 there is no culture. Civ density is double normal.

Attachment is a patch to fix the laser infantry icon which is a gif not a pcx and not important, allow leaders to be captured, allows airports and spaceports to airlift, make satellites land units, make road settlers work, reduce the move of landers, make militia road mobile and researchers stationary, increase the bombard range of jump troops, increase the number and power of defensive buildings, and double the price of all buildings everywhere.
Put the text file in the folder Text and use the biq to play the game.


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