Saph's Orbis Terrarum Redux (TSL)

Saph's Orbis Terrarum Redux (TSL) 1.1a

Skylar Saphyr

Jun 24, 2018
Skylar Saphyr submitted a new resource:

Saph's Orbis Terrarum Redux (TSL) - A Rome-centric TSL map of the old world (76x92 Huge w/ smaller sections)

Saph's Orbis Terrarum Redux (TSL)

A bigger, more detailed, more feature-rich, complete remake of Saph's first ever Civ map!

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Design Features

  • The Old World as the Romans knew it:
    This map is based on a reconstruction of the Orbis Terrarum...

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Skylar Saphyr updated Saph's Orbis Terrarum Redux (TSL) with a new update entry:


Fixed a type in maptext.xml (Antoich > Antioch)

Added TSL for:
Berbers (CIVITAS Masinissa)
Egypt (Fuzzle's Saladin / Sultan Saladin)
Kanem Bornu (MC's Idris Alauma)
Litang (xcx's Dingzhen)
Greece (Merrick's Epaminondas)
Netherlands (SeelingCat's Charles II)
Germany (SeelingCat's Charles V)
Jatofi's Regensburg city-state

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