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Feb 1, 2002
The original game works fine on my computer. I can play games on huge maps against all 15 opponents without any problems.

However, the scenarios I make with the editor don't run at all. Even games on standard map against 5 opponents don't go beyond the 1st turn. An error occurs, I don't know why (windows error messages are writen in some obscure hex language I can't decipher...), after my 1st turn ends but before the 2nd begins. All changes made were restricted to names of civs, civ cities and civ rulers.

Another bug regarding the editor... I know changing the rules may have unforseen results. What I don't understand is why unchecking the default rules box, WITHOUT doing any changes, disables the science screen...

If anyone can help me with these, please let me now.



this question doesn´t belong here, this is the Game of the Month forum. It should be in the Civ3 - Creation & Customization forum or the Civ3 - Technical Support forum.:o
So any MOD (Matrix ;) ) should move this thread to an appropriate forum.

But from what I´ve read there are several reasons for a crash.
First of all and MOST important: DOWNLOAD the PATCH if you don´t have it yet.:D
Second, I know that if you put custom units into your scenario you have to update the appropriate ART folder in your Civ3 directory as well. Maybe this is also the case with some other changes in the rules.
Third, put this thread into the scenario forum and ask the people there. They know their stuff and will most likely help you.:goodjob:
I meant to post it on technical support...

Guess I should try doing this with my eyes open next time... :D

Thanks for the tip... :goodjob:
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