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scenario error


Feb 1, 2002
The original game works fine on my computer. I can play games on huge maps against all 15 opponents without any problems.

However, the scenarios I make with the editor don't run at all. Even games on standard map against 5 opponents don't go beyond the 1st turn. An error occurs, I don't know why (windows error messages are writen in some obscure hex language I can't decipher...), after my 1st turn ends but before the 2nd begins. All changes made were restricted to names of civs, civ cities and civ rulers.

Another bug regarding the editor... I know changing the rules may have unforseen results. What I don't understand is why unchecking the default rules box, WITHOUT doing any changes, disables the science screen...

If anyone can help me with these, please let me now.


The later problem I mentioned is solved. Patch v.1.16 did the trick, the modified science trees work fine now.

However, I still can't play extensively modified scenarios. :( I keep getting a fatal error message from windows... The nature of the modifications doesn't seem to matter, only the sheer amount of modifications made.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening to me? Could it be a hardware limitation? Not enough RAM?

If not, does anyone know who might have an idea? Is there someone in Firaxis I could talk to?


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