Science research disappears


Jul 4, 2023
Ok, this has happened to me twice now. I’m playing a game and the first research I do is Astrology so I can get religion ASAP. I build a slinger, then, when my population reaches 2, I build a settler. As I’m making a settler, my science research will finish, so I pick mining. Once my settler is made, I go to make a holy site, but it’s not there. I double check my science tree, and it shows I’m working Mining, but it doesn’t show Astrology as having been researched. Instead, it shows Astrology as if it was never researched, even though I’m 15 or 16 turns into the game already. There are NO other researches shown to be done, only that I’m working on Mining. Am I missing something? Anyone else have this happen to them?
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