SCivCast Episode 01: "You Have Notifications"


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Oct 24, 2000
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Check your inbox. Regular co-hosts Dustin "Methos" and Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk launch the first episode of SCivCast (SC) entitled "You Have Notifications"; now netcasting, it has a runtime of 17m00s. The summary of topics is as follows:

- 00m31s | Topic #1
On claims that Civilization: World is already on the decline, and possible factors why.
- 04m23s | Topic #2
The contentious element of the game that is CivBucks.
- 06m56s | Topic #3
The co-hosts share their recent gameplay experiences with and efforts within the title.
- 09m11s | Topic #4
Finding a silver lining in CivWorld that leads back to an inherent concern.
- 12m31s | Topic #5
Proposing an avenue to find a solution to that concern by drawing from the existing online Civ community.
- 15m01s | Topic #6
The crux that is the inactive player realized over-and-over again.

SCivCast is the fourth spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast; listeners are encouraged to rate the show on iTunes and follow on Twitter. Fellow sibling ModCast focuses on Civ modding, RevCast on Civilization: Revolution and TurnCast on Civ multiplay.
Will there be an episode 2?
Has the towel been thrown in already?
The plan remains to record, produce and release 6 episodes in 2012, one every other month. As such, the next episode is expected to 'go live' in late March. :)

1) How do I choose the best game to join?
2) What are some mistakes for new players to avoid?
3) Assuming a 4 citizen start, what is an effective first build?
4) Can you explain how the tech tree branches?
5) Do you have suggestions for cooperative play?
6) In warfare, is defense better than offense?
7) How do I get to 200% before the barbarians stop me?
8) How do I stay awake long enough to finish the culture mini-game?
9) Do you have tips on the merchant mini-game?
A) When should I invest in the trade goods?
B) Is it better to convert resources or to collect resources?
C) How do I make good use of Great People?
D) What effect do roads have on resource gathering?
E) Is the zebra rug really worth that many gems?
F) Is it okay to just "buy" my victory?
My apologies, this question isn't intended to sound negative.
I appreciate your noting so. I didn't interpret it as negative, greatly because of our discussions on the forum otherwise to date.

I'm sure the regular co-hosts will appreciate this list even more than I do. :)

Out of curiosity, why the switch from numbers to letters in your listing of the questions? :D
In update, the next episode of SCivCast is being delayed until April as a result of the decision to replace the show's regular panel. For more information, including on how to apply to become one of those individuals if so interested, visit this thread.
First off, I'm not sure I can commit to being a regular co-host, or even an irregular co-host ;) My RL schedule is in flux right now, as the school year heads towards its conclusion and my kids' activities crescendo.

I listened to the first podcast, and thought that it lacked something. While I appreciated the data on players and usage, it seemed that the hosts didn't quite have the depth of experience with the game that I expected. I just started playing, so some of these details were fresh in my mind. The game has tactics, but not much overall strategy.

Some thoughts for the next podcast:
1) Single player vs. multiplayer. Civ World is -- by design -- a multiplayer game. For those of us who enjoy playing the Civ franchise in single player, this is a change. To have any hope of winning, you must join (or found) a civilization and work together. Since there are achievements/throne room additions that span multiple games, there are also competing priorities: do I take steps that benefit me alone, or that benefit my tribe?

2) Tactics, a.k.a. micromanagement. Each player gets a city to work with. Given that many experienced Civ franchise players do micromanagement on their cities -- which citizens are working which tiles, in Civ3 and Civ4 -- this is not a foreign concept. However, there seems to be less overall *strategy* that spans multiple cities, or that spans multiple eras. The podcast could benefit from a discussion of tactics, as noted in an earlier post. Ideas include:
Build order. What buildings to build first? How quickly to grow your city? These challenges are analogous to the build order questions that new players ask when they start Civ3 or Civ4 (I don't have Civ5 yet, so it may be important there, too).
Hybrid economy vs. Specialist economy. One could build the specialized buildings for each job (market, library, granary, worker bldgs), and one of each = hybrid. Another option would be to build only one kind of building, say, production or markets, and then use the market to buy and sell resources as needed. Don't grow your own food, but buy it instead. Don't produce your own hammers, sell science to get it. How workable are these tactics?

3) Timing. A whole new dimension that has been added in Civ World which does not exist in the rest of the franchise is time-of-day, or frequency of playing. The trade route mini-game may not always be available for play. The "harvests" for collecting your resources accumulate over time; what's the best way to cash them in? Wars (esp barbarian invasions) tend to happen at certain times; is it prudent to plan for that, and time the buying of troops? What is the impact of resetting in the science maze mini-game, or the culture artwork mini-game?

On the other hand, if the overall strategy of this game is too diluted for most CivFanatics and Apolyton users, then there may never be a critical mass of us who really play CivWorld regularly. And the podcast may not have long-term success.
Micro Management in civ world is the market, not your city. It is the same guns vs butter vs future guns/butter decisions, but now it is a function of free market rather than set values.

Truth is, larger civs are at a disadvantage against smaller civs.

... and yes, these guys caught some flak on the 2K forums for their inexperience. We're working on that... if I can just find the right hardware this week.

As an FYI. The answers to most of the questions asked are on the 2K forums strategy page which is pretty sparse. They are fairly basic questions, which raises an interesting conundrum for the podcast folks... of whether they want to target the 1500 daily addicts who already know the answers to questions like that, or the rotating 3500 daily players who will likely bail on the game in a week or two.

That best answer is 'both' so I need to think about that a bit.
Thanks for your feedback vorlon_mi, ShuShu62. Further:

... raises an interesting conundrum for the podcast folks... of whether they want to target the 1500 daily addicts who already know the answers to questions like that, or the rotating 3500 daily players who will likely bail on the game in a week or two.

That best answer is 'both'...
Agreed, and that is the aim of the show. Starting off with basics, followed by amateur-to-expert strategies, and then an ongoing mix between the two as the podcast series would progress.
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