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Scoring system


Feb 25, 2002
Kaunas, Lithuania
Some ideas about scoring system.

Civ3 score is based mainly on territory size. That means to gain higher score you need to be aggresive and conquer your opponents (or neigbours). The word "civilisation" as I understand means not aggresiveness. Civilisation can have small territory, but everybody thinks of it as great civ. Especially in todays world territory does not mean high score.

I understand that it would be not interesting only to build city improvements and expand culturaly or using settlers, so I propose some penalties to score if civ (AI or you) plays aggresively. That means if civ expands its territory using aggression (more score per turn in the future) it must suffer penalty (less score per turn now).

Score per turn = basic score per turn - penalty
Penalty = percent value of basic score per turn
Max penalty = 100%

All numbers will be suggested only to understand the principles of penalty idea.

1.Penalty on Declaration of war. Penalty is active until peace treaty or opponent elimination. Civ must think before going to war - it is not entertainment.
Penalty percent = government type + diplomatic relations
10% - despotism
20% - monarchy
30% - republic
40% - democracy
10% - there was mutual protection pact between attacker and defender in last 20 turns
30% - there was rights of passage pact between attacker and defender in last 30 turns

2.Penalty on units presence in foreign territory. Penalty is active when there is no rights of passage pact. Civ must respect opponents territory.
Penalty percent = diplomatic relations
5% - mutual protection pact, military alliance
10% - war
30% - peace

3.Penalty on city razing. Active when you raze the city + 20 turns. Civ must not behave as barbars.
Penalty percent = 10 * city size

4.Penalty on rejecting the peace treaty. Active 3 turns. Strong Civ must respect weak ones.
Penalty percent = Number of cities of piece requester.
50% - 1 city
40% - 2 cities
30% - 3 cities
20% - 4 cities
10% - 5 cities
0% - 6 and more cities

Another idea, that defender could gain a bonus to the score per turn. Imagine that 3 civs declare war on 1 civ. All 3 civs suffers penalties, and these penalties goes as a bonus to defender. If defender civ withstands the war it will get the score boost and I think it is fair.
yes, i agree the scoring system is rather basic at present and massively favours civs with larger territory :(

i would like it to reflect highly advanced and well looked after smaller civs in the scoring system more than it currently does.

at present it tends to favour highly aggressive warring attitudes :(
I may be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure in previous versions of Civ that a bonus was given for each turn that the whole world was at peace (i.e. no wars being fought).

Something similar would re-dress the balance in Civ 3.

I guess that as the number of happy people has an effect on the final score, it will give some sort of bonus for peaceful civs, but only compared to warmongering civs that use governments subject to war-weariness.
I agree with you.

Scoring should be changed to benefit peacefull players.

If you look at the GotM you´ll see that big scores are mostely based on agression.
It would be fairer to all competitors to change the scoring system to get a variety of winning methods. I don´t like to be a warmonger :rocket: to get big scores.:jesus:
Originally posted by =DOCTOR=
yes, i agree the scoring system is rather basic at present and massively favours civs with larger territory :(

Massively favours is Massive understatement:)
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