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Dec 1, 2000
The Netherlands
civ 3 is a great game but they made a big mistake in removing the sentry/sleep option from the game.
It's very irritating! All the time when I want to attack a unit that's standing next to my city I have to activate the unit becoz it is fortified.
So I hope there will soon be a patch or so which puts sentry back in the game.


Sentry command has been added to the 1.17 patch already.

Y - any unit activates
Shift-Y enemy unit activates

There is a complete (and really nice looking) reference chart created by Chistopher Nar (sp?) in the reference section of Civfanatics. I'd go download it since it's fully up to date with all the keyboard shortcuts since 1.17.
He Addiv, woon je in voorschoten, mijn vriendin woont in voorschoten.
Je moet gewoon die patch 1.17f downloaden en dan kan je sentry command gebruiken.
yes firaxis should add buttons for all these new features they put in
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