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Several Problems...

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Technical Support' started by ColHogan, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. ColHogan

    ColHogan Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2005
    Hey All!

    First off I want to say I'm not like some of you. I have only been anticipating this game for 2 days because before that time I was blissfully unaware that Civ4 was about to exist. However, having played Civ1 when I was not 8 years old and the others later on, I jumped at the chance to play the fourth in a line of great games. I went right out to the local store and purchased the last "non-reserved" copy of the game with eager anticipation. I have not been disappointed, however, there are some nagging problems.

    The first problem I had was almost running off the road as I tried to read the manual on the way back to my house. Once I arrived safely I installed the game, after figuring out that the install cd (as opposed to the play cd) must be in the drive to play the game I started playing. Game booted fine. First thing I noticed was the game was reallllllly slow and as I progressed the map got larger and the game got even slower. Currently I get about 7 FPS, but it will bump to 50 at the main game screen and will go up to 20 if I zoom all the way in.

    Also, the visuals of the competing Civs leaders when I am trading only work sometimes. At times their rectangle is filled with only a black... well rectangle... at other times the visual works fine.

    The wonder videos, or any in game videos for that matter, are either garbled (sound is halting, and the visual is distorted) or play very slowly.

    I have the newest drivers for my video card (downloaded yesterday)...

    System Specs:
    Windows XP - SP2
    ATI 9500 Pro (Omega Drivers - Newest)
    KT7A MoBo (newest 4 in 1s)
    Sound Blaster Live!
    Athlon 1400(133) Processor

    A little help, please?

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