SMAN's The World at War

A work in progress, but at least here is what the WMDs might look similar to when done. Here is the "Pure Fusion Bomb." I'll find other icons/flags later:


In flight:


The aftermath of the attack:


An alternative - may go this way with the final units - looks quite cool inflight:

1675970985057.jpeg 1675971005771.jpeg 1675971023689.jpeg

1675971254174.jpeg 1675971272534.jpeg

The 4th missile/bomb - Binary Chemical Bomb (yields HAZMAT Zone/Chemical Contamination):
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Well, it's taken far too long, but I've managed to get a decent looking V1 replacement into WAW:

1676062027769.jpeg 1676062048052.jpeg 1676062059080.jpeg


After screwing around with all this for far too long, I managed to get the original V1 model working. It looks better than my substitute and no longer crashes the game.

1676065176258.jpeg 1676065189903.jpeg
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New resolutions are completed, but not fully tested. WAW will now add the IMF, Cure for Cancer, Geneva Convention, Human Genome Project, and the Global Utopia Project to the game.

Completed artwork on the 5 new process icons (the ones you pick in the City View when you want to donate to the resolution).


The splash screens look like these:

1676313796832.jpeg 1676313834508.jpeg 1676313861889.jpeg

1676313897572.jpeg 1676313929725.jpeg

Am glad to see it done. Artwork takes forever with me and I'm never really happy with the end result. But, these are "good enough" for now...
OK, to finalize V6, this post will contain the "official" version of the unit upgrade path charts. Pictures will change as the mod develops.

Land Units:

Unit Upgrade Paths - ADA.jpg Unit Upgrade Paths - Armor.jpg Unit Upgrade Paths - Artillery.jpg Unit Upgrade Paths - Infantry 1.jpg Unit Upgrade Paths - Infantry 2.jpg 1676460154919.jpeg
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Air Units:

1676458156453.jpeg Unit Upgrade Paths - Bomber - no lines.jpg Unit Upgrade Paths - Fighter - no lines.jpg

Note: the CAS Fighter and Wild Weasel units aren't depicted here. There will be hovering around the Cold War Main slot, with the 4th Gen fighter.
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KE - here are my initial thoughts on your suggestions. There is much here that is good, and much that needs more examination.

I highlighted in green the ideas I agree with, in red the ones I disagree with, and in yellow for the ideas I'm not sure about.
Hello there!
After several weeks of not finding time to answer, here I am! Sorry for the time it took.
I'll start by adding my ideas/suggestions to enhance the Unique Units mod for WAW (I'm personally a huge fan of it, and think the potential with WAW is almost limitless). This is mainly for the overall enhancement of the WAW family, and i believe the list can be updated and enhanced a whole lot more. For now, it's only secondary and can be done at the end obviously.
For the models, we can discuss about it, i think that most existing models will correspond for these unit ideas.
I'll have to also make a thread to respond to all the nice feedback you gave to my first post later!
Let's get started!

Unique Units :

Russia :
_ Mobile SAM becomes BUK-M1 (the vanilla model of the Mobile SAM is in fact the soviet BUK-M1)
_ Advanced Strategic Bomber becomes TU-160 (this is actually a parallel for something we talked about, the US being the only country to have Advanced Strat. Bombers, but Russia has some of them too with the TU-160 + the model you already implemented is perfect for it)
_ Advanced Modern Armor becomes T14-Armata
_ Private Military contractors becomes Wagner PMC
_ Rocket Artillery becomes either TOS-1
- MLRS becomes Hurricane MLRS
_ CAS Helicopter becomes KA-52
_ Mobile Infantry becomes BMP-1
_ MBT becomes T72 MBT
_ Self propelled arty becomes 2S19M1 MSTA-S
_ Idea : Add a "Poseidon Nuclear Torpedo" similar to a guided missile that could be sea based? (only putting this here as an idea, probably not possible to actually implement)
_ Late cold war Guided Missile becomes Kalibr

_ Supercarrier becomes Nimitz Class
_ CAS Helicopter becomes Apache Helicopter
_ Main Battle Tank becomes M47 Patton
_ Strategic Bomber becomes B52-StratoFortress
_ PMC becomes Blackwater PMC (to debate)
_ Advanced Modern Armor becomes Abrams X (can take the already existing Abrams model and turn it black)
_ Guided Missile becomes Tomahawk
This list can probably be greatly updated with out latest units added to the mod.

France :

_ Supercarrier becomes Charles de Gaulle Class
_ CAS helicopter becomes Tigre helicopter
_ Leclerc tank becomes Modern Armor rather than MBT
_ MBT becomes AMX-30
I can also update this one a lot more in the future.

Also, for the naming of the french paratroopers --> " 1er régiment d'infanterie de l'air " becomes --> " 1er régiment de chasseurs parachutistes ". I'm french myself, so I can help with all that haha.

Germany :

_ Advanced Modern Armor becomes Panther KF51
_ MBT becomes Leopard 1

I would have to look into the modern german armed forces more for this too.
That's it for now ; for sure in the future we can also work on other civilizations for this mod.
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You're French? Très intéressant! I think my 3 favorite places in the world are in France: Antibes, Èze, and Riquewihr. :)

After WAW6 is done, I'll do a quick scrub of all the WAW companion mods to ensure compatibility. Not planning on expanding content yet on them.

Am always willing to add models to WAW UU, just need to know where the proposed unit sits on the WAW Upgrade Path, so I can put in the proper specs. It usually doesn't take much time at all to update those kinds of changes.

As far as naming, that is handled in the main WAW mod. Unfortunately, that script has been constantly updated with about every WWA release, so the elegance of its design is fading. I could rework it, but I hate to change working code.

For major civs (USA, FRA, UK, GER, RUS, etc.) it tries to use civ-specific names for various unit roles. I think I took them from looking at historical orders of battle from various WW1/WW2 battles. Here is what I have down for France:

[AIRBORNE] = "Division Parachutiste", [ARMOR] = "Division Blindeé", [INFANTRY] = "Division d'Infanterie", [MARINE] = "Regiment d'Infanterie de Marine",

[ADA] = "Rgt d'Artillerie Sol-Air", [ANTI_TANK] = "Regiment Anti-Char", [ARTY] = "Regiment d'Artillerie", [SPEC_FORCES] = "Rgt d'Infanterie de l'Air",

[MACH_GUN] = "Compagnie de Mitrailleuses", [CAV] = "Groupe de Reconnaissance", [AVIATION] = "Brigde d'Aerocombat", [DRONE] = "Regiment de Drone Autonome",

[MEDIC] = "Compagnie Medicale", [FIGHTER] = "Escadrille de Chasse", [BOMBER] = "Escadrille de Bombardement", [RECON] = "Escadre de Recon.", [ROBOT] = "Rg. Robot Automatise"

So, a change to "régiment de chasseurs parachutistes" in the "AIRBORNE" role is fine. The longer the name, the odder it might look on some of the game's UIs/popups, but that's about the only limiting factor. Easy change.
Hello SMAN,

I'm french too..

Glad to see on your discord that you have made good progress on WAW.
Hope you can get it out tomorrow. You did an incredible job.

My 3 favorite places in France are Mougins, Agay and Gassin

I hope to hear from you soon about the scenarios of AWAW.

Thanks again for your wonderful work.
Version 6 has been published on Steam!


WAW Version 6 Change Notes

Version makes a lot of changes, but also adds a lot of new content as well. Specific attention was paid to the late Cold War Era and later – attempting to fill out this Era in a manner similar to the way other Eras were designed. Many of the unit models were adapted from CJ’s "More than a Future" mod, with significant changes.

Finally, I want to think my collaborator on this, @KryptonianEmperor. A great deal of the good ideas on this mod came from him.

With so many changes, I’m certain there are many things I missed. Please let me know as soon as you see something broken. I’m expecting a few hotfixes, so a few more bug reports, ideas, suggestions, are greatly appreciated!



New Buildings:
  • Actualization Utopia: Decreases global Unhappiness by 1% (cumulative) – replaces the Nature Preserve for this ability
  • Apocalypse Citadel (National Wonder): Doomsday Device spawns when built. Prereq building for constructing subsequent Doomsday Devices
  • Skybase Port: Creates a Skybase when built (only way Skybases spawn)
  • Titanium Foundry: Creates 1 Titanium from 1xOil. Limit 5 per civ
  • Titanium Mill: Creates 2 Titanium from 1xAluminum+Iron+Oil
  • WMD Research Lab: prereq building for Biogenic, Solar Flare, and Doomsday Device missiles

New Units:
  • 6th Generation Fighter (@digital Revolution): replaces the 5th Gen Fighter
  • Advanced CAS Fighter (@Manned Spacefligt): replaces the CAS Fighter
  • Advanced Mech Infantry (@Globalization): replaces Mech Infantry/PMCs
  • Advanced Rocket Artillery (@Nanotech): replaces Rocket Artillery
  • Antitank Missile (@Mannes Spaceflight): replaces Bazooka
  • Apocalypse Fighter (@Energy Weapons): replaces the 6th Gen Fighter
  • Binary Chemical Missile (WMD) - Chemical damage
  • Biogenic Missile (WMD) - Biohazard damage
  • Doomsday Device (WMD) - Antimatter damage
  • Laser Armor (@Superconductivity): replaces Advanced Modern Armor
  • Laser Cruiser (@Superconductivity): replaces the Missile Cruiser
  • Laser Destroyer (@Superconductivity): replaces the Missile Destroyer
  • MLRS (@Rocketry): replaces the Rocket Launcher
  • LevTank (@Gravity Shielding): replaces the Hovertank
  • NextGen Stealth Bomber (@Superconductivity): replaces Stealth Bomber
  • Nuclear Cruiser (@Astrophysics): replaces the Heavy Battleship
  • Nuclear Destroyer (@Astrophysics): replaces the Heavy Destroyer
  • Plasma Artillery (@plasma Propulsion): replaces Railgun Artillery
  • Plasma Cruiser (@plasma Propulsion): replaces Railgun Cruiser
  • Plasma Destroyer (@plasma Propulsion): replaces Railgun Destroyer
  • Plasma SAM (@plasma Propulsion): replaces Railgun SAM
  • Solar Flare Missile (WMD) - Pure fusion damage
  • Skybase (@Gravity Shielding): a floating aircraft carrier that hosts 4 Skystrike fighters (only)
  • Skystrike Fighter (@Atomic Manipulation): unmanned drone designed for the Skybase

New Terrain: These terrain features appear either randomly (pollution) or as a result of an attack by a specific weapon. They are removed (scrubbed) in the same manner Fallout is removed. The actual area has a name for the area/damage, but it also has a description of what is going on (the effect). Each type of contamination has a specific color it adds to the tile.
  • Pollution (Black): Various buildings make the chances for appearing more likely. Some buildings lower the odds. Causes 5 HP damage to units per turn. Effect is called “Industrial Waste.”
  • Heavy Fallout (Yellow): Similar to normal Fallout, this damage is caused by the Superheavy ICBM. It takes twice as long as Fallout to scrub, and inflicts more damage to units remaining in the tile. Causes 25 HP damage to units per turn. Effect is called “Radioactive Contamination.”
  • HAZMAT Zone (Purple): Caused by the Binary Chemical Missile. Causes 15 HP damage to units per turn. Effect is called “Chemical Contamination.”
  • Biohazard Zone (Green): Caused by the Biogenic Missile. Causes 25 HP damage to units per turn. Effect is called “Toxic Contamination.”
  • Ionizing Radiation (Red): Caused by the Solar Flare Missile. Causes 33 HP damage to units per turn. Effect is called “Electromagnetic Contamination.”
  • Antimatter Decay (Blue): Caused by the Doomsday Device. Causes 50 HP damage to units per turn. Effect is called “Positron Emissions.”

Building Changes:
  • Nature Preserve appears earlier, but only yields a few Happiness. The global lowering of unhappiness has moved to a new building (Actualization Utopia, which appears quite late in the Tech Tree)
  • Nuclear Weapons Factory now has a build limit (3)
  • Added unhappiness to several heavy production buildings – trying to lower end game runaway happiness
    • Buildings at -1 Happiness: Oil Refinery, Shipyard, Steel Mill, Textile Mill, Industrial Mine, Munitions Factory, Weapons Factory, Bomber Factory, Fighter Factory, Major arms Plant, Modern Factory, Surf War Ship Yard, Industrial Park, Titanium Foundry, Undersea Mine, Bio Factory, Trans Alu Mill
    • Buildings at -2 Happiness: Auto Manufacturing Plant, Nuke Weapons Factory, Titanium Mill, WMD Lab, Robotics Factory
  • Genetics Lab moved to Biotechnology from Biomodification. Is now a prereq for building Biotroopers
  • Iron is now also produced by Matter Manipulation Factory
  • Several buildings were nerfed to lower Yield bonuses

Unit Changes:
  • The 3 main tiers of units in Future War Era are now: Laser (early) – Railgun (Main) – Plasma (late). There are exceptions but most combat roles follow this convention
  • Several units have moved around the Tech Tree, and some relationships have changed
  • Several changes to when certain units obsolete. Attempting to ensure a civ can produce at least some combat power in late game if they are resource-poor.
  • AI will be awarded some strategic resources as the Cold War+ goes on, especially if they are in the bottom half of the score table
  • There are build limits on many units now: Arsenal Ship (3), Ballistic Missile Sub (6), Atomic Bomb (6), Nuclear Missile (12)
  • Several unit flavors were adjusted to help make sure AI civs are building a better mix of units towards end game
  • Changed the model for the V1, adjusted its stats so it’s weaker against units, but stronger against cities
  • Certain civilian units can now “hurry production” in a city. Like the Great Engineer does, but at a much smaller rate
  • Changed the model for the Heavy Field Howitzer. It was the unit that didn’t have a crew
  • Unit names can now be longer when entered by a player
  • Darkened the Advanced Modern Armor model, so it looks more like its icon
  • Adjusted the size of many unit models so they look scaled more appropriately with other units in the game
  • Removed CAS Fighter’s Dogfighting and Air Sweep promotions – not appropriate for this aircraft
  • Fixed the CAS Helicopter so it will now hover over water tiles and no embark
  • Unit namer script will add the city name where a civilian units spawns from
  • AI City States will now try to upgrade units more often
  • Plasma Fighters, Suborbital and Orbital bombers are stronger but cost more
  • Nuclear Cruise Missiles no longer become obsolete
  • Dive Bombers now obsolete at Jet Engines – so they will be around 2 columns later
  • New animations on several units (e.g. Apocalypse Robot, Robot Infantry, Automaton)

Map Changes:
  • Industrial Pollution can now appear on the map. Various buildings make the chances for appearing more likely. Some buildings lower the odds. It is scrubbed away like Fallout is
  • Added a bit of coal to the map
  • Fallout now causes damage to units that end their turn in that tile (10 HP per turn)
  • The 4 new WMD units (Binary Chemical, Biogenic, Solar Flare, and Doomsday Device) create a new type of damage when they detonate (qv). These contaminations are scrubbed the same way Fallout is removed
  • The Superheavy ICBM creates "Heavy Fallout" when it explodes. This contamination is similar to Fallout, but does twice the damage to units that end their turn in the tile and takes twice as long to remove
  • Customs Houses yield more gold
  • Oil is now a “forest” resource - this means that when Workers are “reforesting” a tile, there is a chance they will now find Oil
  • New resource: Titanium. Used in several CW Era/FW Era airframes. Produced like Transparent Aluminum (with 2 new buildings that convert other resources to Titanium)

General Changes:
  • Switching to the Strategic View Map no longer crashes the game. I don't think SV is playable though, as the "ghost unit" problem will happen due to an unfixable coding error in Civ5.
  • Added new UN resolutions: IMF, Cure for Cancer, Geneva Convention, Human Genome Project, and Global Utopia Project
  • Added new process that combines gold/sci conversion (Harmonization, @Neural Interface). Converts 15% of Production to Gold and 15% to Science
  • New technology: Gravity Shielding. Allows the creation of the Skybase flying aircraft carrier
  • Adjusted the clock settings so the dates shown at top right “feel” more historically accurate - this will probably be adjusted frequently as feedback comes in
  • Fixed several incorrect data in the Tech Tree tooltips
  • Lightened the background color on WAW promotions so the look like other Civ5 promos
  • Lots of Brit-related changes, since I play that civ a lot
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Hello SMAN,

I rarely play Civ 5 after your Enlightenment Era but honestly you can be pround of your WAW V6 update.

This version is incredible, A huge job !

I played three hours and my son 2, the V6 version is stable, amazing work.
I hope to hear from you soon about AWAW scenarios and Companion Mods.
Thanks. I appreciate it.

I need to do a quick update to WAW Unique Units. Have had some suggestions about adding a few units to it, but that won't take long. A few hours if the models aren't buggy.

After that, I plan on finally finishing AWAW Black Swan mod. I want to have the "events function" available to any future scenario.

After that, I only have 2 meaningful (i.e. time-intensive) projects on my radar. One is reworking my "WAW WW2 Scenario on any Map" mod and the "Scenario Management Engine" (SME) which will be used to drive the AWAW scenarios.

I want to fix WW2OAM badly, as it was one of the mods I actually played a lot. It was fine for a long time, then suddenly stopped working - crashing to desktop before it even reached the logging stage, so there's no feasible way to discover what the problem is.

The fix is to remove the dependency on the main WAW mod, and add that content into the WW2OAM mod, so it's a stand-alone mod. I think that will make it easier to resolve the problem. I hope.

But since this is a simple move of otherwise stable content, the risk of blowing the schedule is much lower than a new mod (like SME).

And even SME largely exists already, in a few of my other mods (WAW WW1 and WW2 scenarios, somewhere else I think). So, pulling working code from those mods to create a cleaner, more reusable SME is fairly low risk as well.

You may be able to tell - this post is me working through the problem in my head.... :crazyeye:

Anyways, here's my loose priority of effort:
1. Update WAW UU
2. Finish AWAW Black Swan
3. Fix WW2OAM (but spend no more than 2 days on it. If the "big problem" isn't fixed by then, push it off to later) - but this may slip to after HYW scenario. Not sure there's any demand for this work
4. Build the SME
5. Build the AWAW Hundred Years War (part 1) scenario

One of the hardest things about the SME (IIRC) is coding in victory conditions. Often it was simply "game ends after 40 turns" or something like that. But then what? Is owning certain towns the criterion to use? Size of armies? Number of tiles owned?

The problem can get tricky, esp if you're allowing for levels of win/loss: "Decisive Victory > Marginal Victory > Draw > Marginal Defeat > Decisive Defeat"

Will need some ideas tailored to the HYW scenario. Will be asking for that soon.

I see you still have a lot of energy and ideas.
You're right, finish AWAW Black Swan is very important for any future scenario.
I wish you success in your future projects with WW2 and SME.

For the HYW scenario and others, I'm here to help you as best I can.

Thank you for this amazing work !
Updated version of Unique Units published on Steam. Aligns the mod with changes in WAW V6.

No new content was added. Just changed units so they would be synchronized with all the changes in this mod.
WAW V6 Hotfix #1 up.

It fixes reporting problems occurring when WMD attacks are launched. Also fixed the Bazooka arriving too late and a few other text problems.
Working on V6 Hotfix #2. Most changes completed, testing new code. Mostly minor bugs, QOL improvements. Expect it to complete tomorrow. Thanks.

EDIT: wrapping everything up, but not enough to time to release today. Definitely tomorrow, just need a couple hours more time.
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Hotfix #6.2 published. Here's a list of the changes:

V6 – Hotfix #2:

  • Titanium is now available at the discovery of stealth. Titanium Mill is also now available at that same technology
  • Cut the cost of the Nature Reserve in half (to 750 hammers), to adjust to its lower impact on happiness (since the Actualization Utopia building now provides a reduction in global unhappiness)
  • Changed the WAW Hovercraft Promotion to allow helicopters & air carriers to hover over ocean tiles
  • Skybases now hover over deep ocean tiles. Fixed a bug in the naming script that didn’t use the “carrier” naming tables for these units. Added a glowing animation used in many other Future War Era units.
  • Adjusted the sizes of many units to better show progression as they upgrade from earlier to later era units.
  • Adjusted the “unit level” of newly-created late Era units so prevent them becoming OP too quickly. They will now require a larger amount of XP to gain promotions. Impacted units: Air Carrier, Orbital and SubOrb Bombers, Plasma Fighter, Apocalypse Robot, Biodrone Swarm, Robot Infantry, Skystrike Fighter, LevTank, Plasma Artillery, Plasma SAM, Plasma Destroyer, and Plasma Cruiser.
  • Recon Zeppelins now hover over coastal tiles, but do not embark. They may not fly over deep ocean tiles, but may be air transported via Airports.
  • Automatons require Uranium to build. Updated mistake in unit help string that stated it required Transparent Aluminum.
  • Fixed text problems with 3 World Congress Projects.
  • Changed the background color to the WMD/Pollution notification icons from black to dark blue, so they stand out better.
  • Adjusted the game speed clock so it better keeps pace with historical norms.
  • Supercarriers now carry 8 aircraft units initially, up to 11 with promotions (was 6-9 previously)
  • Spaceship Factory now available at Digital Revolution (vice Rocketry) – to get it closer to when component parts are available.
  • Human Genome Project is now available the first time any civ discovers Photonic Integrated Circuits (vs Nanotechnology), letting it appear earlier in the game.
  • Spaceship parts are now "capturable"
  • Added the “goodyhut” upgrade to the Mobile SAM unit, which will convert it to the Laser SAM unit.
  • Added Uranium to the requirements for the Apocalypse Robot, as previously stated.
  • All Future War Era infantry (except Power Armor Infantry) units now require Oil. The Robot Infantry unit now requires both Oil and Transparent Aluminum.
  • The Power Armor Infantry unit no longer receives the Motorized Infantry promotion, but it also never becomes obsolete. Your civ can always build at least one late-game infantry unit, even if you have no resources.
  • Increased Nuclear Missile range from 12 to 16.
  • Several late game units have increased maintenance cost, due to their extra complexity to maintain and operate.
  • Added some customizing features to the unit namer scripts for British units
  • Industrial pollution will occur more often
  • Lowered chances of automatic AI fallout cleanup

Sorry for the delay getting it out. I wasted about a day working on an elegant way to get City States to upgrade their antiquated units. Alas there was no good way to get this to work. I've figured out a "brute force" method to get this done, but it will take some time, so I'll put that in the next update.

Thanks for your patience! Now it's time to work on my passion project, the Scenario Management Engine (SME). Please let me know if you see anything broken or needs fixing.
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