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Some feedback

Discussion in 'Communitas Expansion Pack' started by Lesten, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Lesten

    Lesten Chieftain

    Jan 23, 2013
    So I've just finished a game with the communitas mod (latest version, I played as Carthage on Immortal difficulty (second highest?), marathon speed, huge map). Great mod, very well done :goodjob:
    I'm not up to date about who's working with the mod and such, but I thought I'd give some feedback anyway, just mention a few things that I think needs to be looked at.

    1. AI players build a ridiculous number of archers/crossbowmen (they practically fill up every freaking tile with them).

    2. Missile Destroyers have no sound (not a big deal, but it's nice with the feedback when you select them).

    3. Tech disparity. The advanced civs were too far ahead of the rest, at some points three eras ahead, and that was AFTER I managed to get the "Scholars in residence" passed in the Congress (the one that gives you +20% science to techs already discovered by other civs). Perhaps trade routes (or open borders) could give extra science to the less advanced civ?

    4. Range 3 is too strong. I even reduced all range 3 units to range 2, and even then Battleships were too powerful. I would argue that naval units are too strong vs cities in general.

    5. Too easy to be stinkin' rich? I was playing as a trade-based civ so I ought to have good gold income and happiness, but when I reached the renaissance era it just got ridiculous. I was easily making 3-4 times as much gold as the second strongest civ and happiness soared up to 100-200. Again, I was focusing on trade so I should have been rich, but maybe not THAT rich. (I should mention that I had practically no gold-giving wonders and my cities focused on science or production, not gold income.)

    6. World seemed to be a little too friendly in general. Most civs were throughout the game very friendly with me and each other. Out of the 20 civs only 3 were "outcasts" that got in to wars with the others. Other than that there were very few wars and the ones that did happen were short and immediately after the war the civs seemed to be on friendly terms again. Not until late game, when I started stirring up conflict for the hell of it, did a few of the previously friendly civs start denouncing each other.

    7. Congress too easy to buy. I'd suggest increasing how much a civ values their vote(s) in Congress, so that it would be more expensive to tell them to vote for something they don't want to.

    That's my seven cents. Other than that it was a fun playthrough, so thanks for the great mod! :)
  2. guto8797

    guto8797 Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2014
    I usually Play as Portugal, gonna play a game after i riddle some problems with CSD, but i agree on the whole buyin the congress. I even named the Congress "Mundo does what he Pleases" XD. Get luxuries and Portugal swims in cash.
  3. mystikx21

    mystikx21 Deity

    Feb 18, 2006
    1) I think this is an issue with the AI unit flavor mixture that it doesn't build enough melee units. It can maybe be pushed but the flavor mixture files haven't been edited in a long while to know what's causing it.

    2) I think I adjusted this in my own copy more recently. It's in the units directory under the new units. I just have it use the destroyer sound for now.

    3) Trade routes give science to the less advanced civ. I believe open borders also improves the research agreements. I've not seen this typically that there was a huge tech disparity but it's been a while since I've played this mod (and not been working on the new one), so I could be missing something. What difficulty? Settings? Are there civs that do better at it? See if we can narrow down a cause

    4) The range problem. That's not a problem caused by the mod so much as a balance issue with units generally. Cities should be able to take a pounding if they build defence buildings to absorb hits and the AI should have naval units to come counter-attack with. If it doesn't, you either have a huge tech lead or a major advantage in naval superiority or there's a problem with it building crossbows instead of galleons/destroyers. I can look at unit balance however to adjust the range 3 units down some. Is this a problem with artillery or even air units as well or limited to navies?

    5) This has been a known problem, I think inflation was left disabled for some reason as part of it but I'm not sure entirely. There's a gold glut in the base game by the late game. Some progress I believe has been made in this regard on the new mod project and some of the changes could be ported over (not adding much gold from techs to villages, not adding much to all luxuries, not decreasing the gold purchase modifier by as much).

    6) Sometimes a problem, sometimes not. I can look into what kinds of aggression changes are in the mod project though and see if the AI will tone it up a bit. It seems like it fights other AIs just fine. Ideologies definitely stirred it up more.

    7) That's partly a gold glut problem and partly that CSD is much more interesting for diplomatic victories than the mod itself.
  4. guto8797

    guto8797 Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2014
    I shall imput something that annoys me very much. Workers are expensive and slow as hell. They take more time to build than military units, and to improve a tile take more time than my capital to build a wonder. What gives? On marathon 16 turns to make a farm? I find myself expandind at atleast 3x the rate of workers imrpovements. They need to be cheaper and faster. please.
  5. Zephyron

    Zephyron Chieftain

    Aug 5, 2014
    I agree that workers are ridiculously costly. Does anyone know which file holds the costs of workers so that I can change it myself? So far, I’ve only managed to find the files for military unit costs.

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