Some new modder issues


Jul 27, 2013
I'm a brand-spankin'-new modder just getting the hang of things, so please to forgive if I'm posting these issues in the wrong place or asking questions that have been answered before. I've tried to do my due diligence, both in testing possibilities and in searching for previous answers to my questions, but it's not always possible to find everything.

I'm creating a map-based scenario of a post-climate-change Earth in which players have to rebuild their civilizations from almost-scratch (Medieval start). Modifying the map was no problem, and no coding has been required so far; where I'm running into problems is in the scenario building.

Problem No. 1: When I load the scenario, barbarians don't spawn, even though it's set to "Raging Barbarians." I tried the "team 22" workaround, but it didn't fix anything. I also was about 80 percent sure that the problem had begun when I added starting units to my map, so I created a clone from which I removed all the starting units, but that didn't fix the issue either. If I just play the map, with the mod but without loading the scenario (and consequently without my preset civs and their fixed starting locations), I do get barbarians.

Problem No. 2: The "ruins explored" dialogue boxes don't pop up. Sometimes I walk into a ruin and get no message at all. I've gotten messages for survivors, gold, advanced weapons and crudely drawn maps, but none for science, culture or faith. (I have, however, gotten the faith bonus, as evidenced by my suddenly having 20 faith and getting to establish a pantheon, as well as the culture bonus, getting to buy a policy immediately after buying a policy.)

Problem No. 3: The "you just met a minor civ" dialogue boxes don't appear consistently. (I get them from Sydney, for some reason, but not from anyone else!) Also, I'm not getting money gifts from minor civs that other players have met, though I do seem to be getting them from ones I'm the first to meet (but without any message saying so).

Problem No. 4: There seems to be no setting in the scenario builder for sparse resources. How can I set that flag?

There are other things I'd like to try later on that will involve tagging or coding, but squashing these issues is enough for me for now.
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