Spanish defense unit which replaces the Pikeman


Jan 16, 2002
My knowledge of military history is unfortunately somewhat limited. So I will ask you for advice for my modification which will replace the Iroquois with the Spaniards.
Which Spanish unit could replace the Pikeman? I don't want another Knight in the game.

Thanks for historically based comments!:)
What about a boat or something like that, whit extra long range to discover whit?
In the 1500s, Spanish infantry was the best in the world. It might not be exciting, but an improved pikeman unit would be a fitting choice.

I just checked a book I have laying about that mentions Spanish infantry at the battle of Rocroi. It refers to "tercios" and "tercio viejos".
Originally posted by Ironikinit
So, will you call your new unit Piqueros?
Yep, I will call it Piquero (A1/D4/M1). Considering that there is currently no other tribe having a special unit at that time this might allow for some interesting strategies. I understand that the invention of Navigation would have been a better hostorical moment for a Spanish Golden Age(associated with an improved Caravel) but I don't want a given path in the game that the Spanish will always be the first to conquer the world.
Conquistadors? Like French Musketeers, except a bit weaker and similar ability to Marines, representing Spanish forces conquering new lands fast.

Or replace the Explorer, give him a little fighting power.

Or a bigger Galleon, transpoting a vast Spanish army...

Finally: Spanish Inquisitor, does not produce any Happy face, but instead it takes an extra Unhappy face to cause civil disorder.

I'm starting a new post on what new special units can be added for current civs...
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