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Starting strategy MoO2

Discussion in 'Other Civ-Related Games' started by Calis, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Calis

    Calis on time

    Apr 13, 2004
    Germany GMT+1
    Hi all,

    Every now and then, I play MoO2, as it is one of the greatest games in this genre up to today!

    I would like to know which strategy the experts here use for the first let's say 100 turns.

    If I have a starting system with more than one suitable planet I start with building a colony base right away, which usually takes around 15-20 turns depending on several factors of course.

    The downsiide is that during that time I have no research. Usually I find that this pays of in the long run. What do you guys think?

    BTW, I play on impossible difficulty and with custom races. I tend to use the Lithovore trait, so I don't have to bother with food at all.
  2. vmxa

    vmxa Deity

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    In most case I would also start with a colony base for all planets. I would put those new planets on housing to let them make pop and move the pop to my home world to get it up to max size.

    While the new colonies are trying to grow, I will research frieghters so I can feed them, if they need help after they start to produce.

    After that it depends on the game and the race I am playing. A unitol is played differently than say a creative race.

    None of this applies if I am going to do something like play a Tele Warlord or some race that I will do no research and just go take down races.
  3. sourboy

    sourboy Awakening...

    Nov 25, 2001
    Multi-player games tend to start with mass-missile ships as opposed to beam-equipped ships...
  4. Murky

    Murky Deity

    Mar 21, 2006
    The Milky Way Galaxy
    Send scouts exploring
    Move all pop to production, queue up a freighter
    Build colonies for the other planets in the home system.
    Use new colonies to build housing to increase population, send them back to Home world.
    Use the colony ship to colonize best planet in range after finished scouting. The best is probably the largest max pop, food, normal gravity and good minerals.

    Tech Order:

    Research labs
    Reinforced Hull
    Auto factories (start producing more colony ships here)
    Soil Enrichment or Cloning Centers (depends on available max pop and food resources)

    From there you could go the high-tech route to super computers or proceed directly to weapons like Mirv'd missles or Auto-Fire lasers/beams.
  5. StJude1

    StJude1 Grand High Poobah

    May 8, 2009
    dark side of the sun
    Moo2 is one of those games where classic REXing really works out, esp on the higher difficulty levels. Scouts moving constantly on the hunt for nice planets, and if they can't move, then produce an outpost to cheaply extend their range. And I usually don't produce anything other than housing until a colony reaches at least 3 or 4. After that the focus is on production first, population second.

    I always take custom races, but I usually tend to take soldiering, spying and ship combat penalties so that I can take creative and/or warlord (a lot more expensive after that last patch). The penalties are usually meaningless by mid-game, given that creative gives you access to all tech. But this isn't always the best choice if you start your game smack next to a warmonger...
  6. Tristan_C

    Tristan_C Emperor

    Aug 16, 2006
    Funny you would mention 100 turns and lithovore. Some people here have perfected a technique of capturing orion within 100 turns using DemoLith. Demolith is like the flip side of the coin from UniTol, and they make an example of how very different your initial builds and lightbulbs will be, depending on your traits.
  7. plasmacannon

    plasmacannon Emperor

    May 5, 2010
    Orlando, Florida
  8. RecycledElectro

    RecycledElectro Chieftain

    Jul 3, 2012
    I play a repulsive / creative / cybernetic / unification race with a rich home world, and -2 on ground combat and ship defense. (After reading the command line options, I may add pick points for subterranean, an artifacts home world, and a large home world.)

    I just won my first game on Impossible, so this does work.

    I start with enough farmers, 2 workers, and the rest of my population as scientists. I hit the research hard to get:
    (1) Research Laboratory
    (2) Automated Factories & Missile Bases
    (3) Freighters, Fuel Cells, and Colony Ships (3 techs in 2 categories)
    (4) Planetary Supercomputer
    (5) Spaceports are nice on the way to Robo Miners
    (6) Deuterium Fuel Cells
    (7) Autolabs
    When I have auto-labs, and am still at peace, I know I will win.

    My home planet starts building a single (3) Colony Base, but rarely finishes before it also has a (1) Research Lab and an (2) Automated Factory. I add these things as my scientists discover them. Then I order my home planet to build:
    (4) Freighter Fleet (to feed my colonies)
    (5) Scout
    (8) Colony Ship, but I rarely finish that before getting a (6) Planetary Super Computer and a (7) RoboMiner Plant.
    (9) A second Freighter Fleet (to take colonists to my colonies in other star systems)
    (10) More Colony Ships...lots more Colony Ships

    As other planets come up, they build:
    (1) Automated Factory
    (2) RoboMiner Plant (i.e., all production oriented)
    (3) Colony Bases, if posible
    (If I had terraforming, it would come in here.)
    (4) Research Lab
    (5) Supercomputer (i.e., all research oriented)
    (6) Colony Ships

    I keep on building Colony Ships until I meet someone who can attack me. Then I shift my home planet's production to a custom Battleship. I shift my colonies on the front line to building Missile Bases or Star Bases, depending how aggressive my neighbors seem.

    I am usually in a war at this point and need Pulson Missiles, Graviton Beams, Class 3 Shields, and Ion Drives. I sometimes get those things before Autolabs, if I am at war early enough. (I play a defensive game, always offering peace and exterminating the smallest race that has attacked me before taking on another race that is also attacking me.)

    I usually start going broke at some point, and have to research Stock Exchanges.
  9. vmxa

    vmxa Deity

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Never liked Cyber. Take those 4 points and send them on something useful. Like Large Home World (1) and either Production (3) or Research (3) or anything. I remember this thread from more than 10 years ago, lol.
  10. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    @ RecycledElectro

    Your race here is a production oriented race. I'd build colony base(s) instantly. Your HW initially produces 6 x 7.5=45 ppt. You eat 4 of that production and 20 goes to pollution, leaving 21 ppt.

    As Cyber, your lone colonist on new worlds will only loose 25k growth per turn from starving so your housing there will be rather efficient.

    If you feel safe you can sell the SB on turn 1 and then sell the rax next turn. If you don't want to sell the SB, sell the rax on turn 1.

    .. neilkaz ..
  11. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    I will detail my start with the UniCyberCreRHW race.

    I had to reroll a few times to get a system with 2 new planets to colonize. Normally I play what I am dealt but I want to show a start where to CB are built ASAP.

    I spawned at the top center and will sell my SB on T1 and then the very unneeded rax on T2.

    T5 I can buy CB1 and do so and colonize the best of my planets, a normal desert planet. Uni gives me 5 pp/t but I eat one of those. I set planet (pop 5) to build housing and am getting 75k/t losing only 25k to starvation as Cyber.

    T11 I can buy CB2 and colonize a normal (pop 4) barren world. Housing is growing its pop at 73k/t. Any newborns will be moved over to my HW of course.

    Here's the problem with Cyber. I assign one worker at home to save pp for the freighters.
    This one worker naturally produces 8 pp/t (3+2 for rich= 5 and 1.5 for Unit rounded up)
    But I eat 4 of that and lose one pp to pollution leaving only 3 pp/t.

    Now I guess it is best to research freighters since I am producing enough food at home with my two farmers to feed all, and will want to move more workers to my colonies to build labs and factories quicker in later turns.

    EDIT: T15 I hired Gizmo as he's cheap and I can use 5 rp/t more tech starting out.

    T17 a freighter fleet is built and now my colonies aren't losing 25k/t to starvation. A newborn on my HW was sent to farm as now I need more food. Again the issue as Cyber. 9 pop on my HW eats 5 pp/t (rounded up) one worker produces 8 pp/t but now 5 is eaten and 1 lost to pollution resulting in only 2 pp/t to store for later. If I assign a 2nd worker, I produce 15 pp, but 5 is lost to pollution.

    Clearly this Cyber race will benifit greatly from having Factories as that building can just sit there and produce 5 pollution free pp/t and basically feed an entire planet's production need. Normally a production race wants to research labs and build that lab prior to factories, but here I am not sure and will test both methods.

    EDIT: T33 I bought all 3 Labs about half built.

    T 41 I was able to buy 2 of my 3 factories and bought the 3rd two turns later.

    I soon found a monster system with its main planet being a Terran but LG UR world with a splinter colony. I simply have to have that so I switched production to make 3 DD's with 3 fighter bays (need battle pods). I sent them and a scout after the space crystal and just managed to defeat it, needing to run my DD's away and relaunch from the lone surviving DD.

    I didn't expect to have any trouble winning this game and got aggressive with Nuke 18 BB's and wiped out a couple of races. Then on to Orion on T 181 using EMG Mercs. I killed a couple more races and won in the GC on T 211 with 42 out of 52 votes as I controlled most of the galaxy. Power Armor made it very easy to take planet and planet with ground troops.

    I found that when I played Mecklar when playing all the stock races, that factories really helped it get going since a factory can provide the production to feed 10 cyber citizens.

    Certainly there are better races using Creative and better ones using Cyber, but this race easily kills AI's but anything with Uni can.
  12. Tristan_C

    Tristan_C Emperor

    Aug 16, 2006
    It's not a particularly weak race but it does suffer some math problems. I know he wants Creative but maybe Cyber just doesn't get along all that well with it, they both move slow at the beginning.

    Consider how close that race is to UniTolCyber, and how much less ass it kicks. CRE needs some fast early traits to go with it, like Lith for zero overhead, or SubAqua for hugenormous planets.
  13. Giftless

    Giftless Warlord

    Aug 22, 2013
    I had a pretty good game recently with SubAqua and Production +1; ended it in 230 turns which is my best time so far. I had a really nice start too: moved my first colony ship out long range and lucked into a splinter colony, then settled an ocean planet in a different system.
  14. Darza

    Darza Warlord

    Aug 11, 2013
    Its exactly particularly weak, because it doesnt have any planet modifiers, neither Lith to be playable as real Economic race, and also obviously not fitting into real Blitz race aswell. Ofc its good in reliably punching AI's, as almost any races above "plain dictatorship no positive" are (im about that crea-cyber).
  15. humbe

    humbe Warlord

    Nov 23, 2005
    Sounds to me like a lot of players writing online are into advanced starts and blitzing.

    My typical setting have been Impossible, pre-warp (I like controlling early game, and advanced start feels like cheating on impossible as the start is where the AI runs ahead of you), huge world (why finish game so early?), tactical combat, antarans and random events of course.

    Dictatorship sounds like best gov to me. Feudal hopeless with research penalty (on imp, huge, pre-warp), democracy too expensive and unification loses out on morale. Can get +50% morale fairly early in game.

    When trying to optimize, I typically pick a -food, -ground combat, low gravity penalties. -food is just a not too big starter penalty, ground combat fairly useless and low gravity just noticeable between creating new planets and teching gravity generator.

    Usual + picks have been creative, subterranean and telepathic.

    Recently, to up the difficulty, I'm trying to play -10 race with the above negatives. Plan is to assimilate aliens to get away from penalties and get some bonuses as early as possible. But are currently having some issues with either getting attacked heavily before I'm ready or having a runaway AI on other side of map which comes with a huge armada.

    Plan is typical to:
    - Tech research lab, automated factories, techs for scout, freighters, soil enrichment (early to battle -food penalty), fuel/armor to get nuclear missiles with MIRV. Build a small force. Hopefully an alien just colonized neighbour planet and I'm at a stage where I can take it. Trading for better armor/shields/heavy armor etc might help being able to. Typically using missile ships early, with a scout that can run away from missiles and missile ships that can retreat after spending the missiles. Dauntless guidance system also great if you can get it.
    - On best luck, I can assimilate tolerant, lithovore, subterranean silicoids and start breeding that race instead of mine. I can then ignore -food and low-g penalties, and - ground combat just mean I need to build a few extra transports or bomb target planets a bit extra before invading. With the above combination one can grow to high population on few planets fast.
    - On average luck I might need to hurry for gravity generator and terraforming while trying to keep up in techs and get a fighting force. Still doable with careful planning.
    - On worst luck there's a close early warmongererer that hits me before I'm ready or a run-away AI further away that attacks me in scale while still outteching me before I've managed to level the playing field.

    Hard to know what to play for though. Typically trying to set some restrictions and then see if I can beat the antarans or not. Speed play isn't interesting for me (at least not real time) Maxing score is pretty meaningless when you can recapture as much as you like, and having to manage all but one planet to max pop everywhere. Feels like work more than skill and play.
  16. Rocco.40

    Rocco.40 King

    Mar 2, 2015
    Shortest game ever (for me).
    Based on a T13 victory, this is the game revisited starting from T2.
    1v1 in a small galaxy

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