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Introductory notes on ethos & decorum:
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Welcome to the newly restructured Steampunk Projects forum. Our goal is to organise threads in a way that is useful for the design work as well as making it as easy as possible for everyone to follow and contribute to the various discussions. There are some general discussions and some threads on very specific topics. As part of the restructuring we have found it necessary to combine some threads and to leave others closed for now. There is nothing personal in this. Some of the threads we started have been mothballed along with some of those started by others.

We ask that you do your best to post in the thread where your thoughts fit in context. It may take a little more effort to split remarks into separate posts - or to quote from or link to comments in other threads. Please make the effort - misplaced posts may be arbitrarily moved. Please also check with one of the core team - King Arthur, Balthasar & Blue Monkey for now - before starting a thread. We would prefer to reach a consensus before starting a thread that may duplicate efforts made elsewhere or the range of which needs some adjustment. The same goes for asking that a thread be reopened that is currently closed. Please check with us before contacting other forum staff - Blue Monkey can handle most of the thread wrangling for us. We feel that in the long run keeping things organised this way will be the best way for the whole community to work together.

Thank you everyone for your continued support & contributions.
- King Arthur, Balthasar & Blue Monkey​
Steampunk Projects Directory

This thread is locked because it is designed to be a directory rather than a discussion. Whenever it is updated notices will be posted in other open threads. Hopefully the links & explanations makes the overarching discussion & design process clear for everyone.

General DiscussionThreads

  • Welcome To Our Worlds - the place to discuss anything about our overall project for which there is no specific thread. This is the old “Welcome” thread reincarnated.
  • Spurious Contraptions & Other Steampunk Oddities - for posts about and links to Victorian era weirdness, contemporary art, music, literature and anything else not directly related to creating scenarios that may serve as inspiration or at least enjoyable when we need some relief from the grind. This thread combines the old “Fun Stuff” & “Spurious Contraptions” threads.
  • Unit Requests: Steampunk - in the main C&C forum. While the focus currently is on Lost Worlds we expect many of these units to be in other scenarios. Hopefully there will be interest in making some new units for those scenarios as well.

Specific Scenarios' threads

Discussion threads on some projects in development that were mentioned in some of the old threads.

  • Steampunk World - the Earth scenario we're working hard to make our first public release.
  • Lost Worlds - this is the main discussion thread for this in-development scenario. Elements of several of the old threads are incorporated here along with new material about the scenario itself. Also the place for discussing what remains to be done to make a playable version a reality.

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