Strange thing

Eric The Fish

Jan 14, 2002
There's something going on in my current game that i dont quite understand. I have met the germans. i have been at war with the germans. there is a german city just outside my borders (the rest of their cities aer far away, they took this one from the french). I currently have a mutual protection pact with the germans. I think I have an embassy with the germans (you need one to investigate cities and steal techs right?). I have a couple trades going on with the germans and I currently have a knight standing outside Berlin. Yet when I go to my foriegn advisor, the bismark's picture is NOT there. It's as if I hadn't made contact with them yet when I dont think I've had as much contact with any other civ in the game. I was just wondering what the hell is going on or if anyone has any ideas.
Are all of the circles filled up in the foreign advisor screen. If so, shift+right click on one and select the Germans as the civ to go in that window.
Even if they're not filled up, you should be able to shift-rightclick on a space where one would be. This happens sometimes when you have more than 8 civs in a game and one of the "visible" ones gets eliminated.
Erm,guys are you saying I can ACTUALLY add civs to my foreign advisor screen? :confused:

Cool!!OMG that´s awesome! :goodjob:

Didn´t know this one,thanks :)
I never play w/ more than 8. It's too much a pain to keep switching.

These guys are right. If the face isn't there, click the blank spot where it should be and the face will appear. Weird. Ya, I know.
Yeah it does work indeed :o


Not perfect maybe but VERY useful.Were did ppl find this one? It says nothing about it in the manual,suppose in the Patch Readme...

Have now kicked out the inferior civs and have added the Egyptians instead :)
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