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Sufficient expansion on all levels

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by TheMeInTeam, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. yanner39

    yanner39 Emperor

    Sep 17, 2008
    Ottawa, Canada
    I find that I do little things that will cause me problems at the next levels. In my current game, there are number of small things that I haven't done properly and realize it a few turns later:(. I still have a nice lead over my opponents, but it is only noble.

    1. It's 1100AD and I've only produced 2 great scientists, and the first one came at about 125AD. Problem is, I haven't used the techs/civics (pascifism as TMIT suggested) to get me these GS. Again, in Noble it's probably no big deal.

    2. I'm not a good whipper, I really just never think of it. I chop to get my builds. So after Code of Laws, I switch to Caste System, yet I didn't take advantage of the specialist because I didn't want my city pops to stop working the cottaged greens (also I didn't think of it). I should have hired 2 scientists, forgo the commerce until I pop a GS.

    3. One of the things I like about TMIT's game is the quickness of it and the automation. Sometimes, I go too fast and get derailed. I have to say that I have learned to play faster, making quicker decisions, etc...However, I tend to overlook important things. For example, again in my current game, in my quest to win Liberalism, I bee-lined it, but didn't research Civil Service, which I think is huge for bureaucracy.

    4. Letting my cities grow into unhealthiness. This is not really a big deal or is it? I mean, I don't lose any citizens, however city growth slows down (I can't grow anyways). So I am trying to find new civs to trade resources with.

    I must say I have gotten alot better because of this thread that's for sure.

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